20 goals in 30 minutes
News / 27 November 2011 | 20:00133
20 goals in 30 minutes

Gabala has achieved victory with the highest score within all domestic championships for kids. Our team of kid players up to eleven ages won over UGIM Balakan in the U11 League for the North-West region with clean sheet - 20:0.

Sanan Gurbanov-s learners have already scored, in all previous seven tours, 56 goals keeping their own net unbeaten – maximum outcome.

Gabala U11, which has been created just in 2011, caught up their highest record in the debut year.

Moreover, in consideration of that the U11 League games are played in thirty minutes, our kids were able to be capitalized with one goal for every 1,5 minutes.

The previous biggest results were 15:0, for which thanks go to our U13 and U15.