Academy coaching stuff in Barcelona
News / 8 February 2012 | 20:00218
Academy coaching stuff in Barcelona

The coaching staff of the Gabala Academy are in Spain to improve their skills by experience of the world-class football club Barcelona, within the project started in late 2011. The early five days of the trip, starting on 4 February, are being detailed by deputy director of Academy Nail Karimov: 

“We started watching Barcelona”s match against Real Sociedad before seeing the three games of Barcelona in Academy leagues U-9, U-13, U-14 tomorrow. The games were played at the pitches of Academy and Bescola. We made some exchange of views with Amalio Moratalla”s group about their performances. 

On 6 February, we viewed training operations of U-17 and U-16 before meeting the coaches. The next day, the trip group got a chance to visit some sports spots in Barcelona like the Olympic Stadium, National Institute of Physical Education and facilities of Barcelona football club”.

Karimov says more about the Barcelona academy La Masia, where many prominent footballers of the world were build up:

“I’d like special emphasize on our visit to La Masia. Its director Carlos Figueroa gave in-depth details about how they involve youth to the academy, concern on their education and daily life in family, as well as on their nutrition. Totally forty nine footballers settled in La Masia from as large part of the world as from Spain to Korea, Japan, Cameron, Greece in 12-18 age group. The live with other 26 youth members of different sports in the same building of La Masia. There are four man-made and five live turf in the academy together with medical treatment center”. 

8 February, meeting with Guillermo Amor, academy director of Barcelona:

"We watched trainings of Barcelona B yesterday with Guillermo discussing many details of the full training with Spaniard specialists. There were some players training which we all see them at times. Five coaches were working on the team B simultaneously with different jobs. 

It was of very interest to see coaching actions of Barcelona which we also saw in December last year in Gabala by the group of Josep Moratalla. Barcelona”s players are trained by the same coaching system and tactics which are all different from other football clubs of the world. 

At late hours, we watched Barcelona U-18 against Ajax within Champions League contest of UEFA. The Gabala representatives viewed also the King's Cup semifinal between Barcelona and Valencia at Nou Camp".