Gabala edges to Champions Cup
News / 16 January 2012 | 20:0095
Gabala edges to Champions Cup

Gabala’s U-13 finished the day at the top of the Riga Open 2012 tournament’s table through to two victories. After the win and draw on Monday, today they have defeated Latvia’s Super Nova’s first - 3:1. Elvin Imanli and Farid Nabiyev were capitalized by two and one goals respectively.

The next show of the day, 5:1, was a real debacle of Gabala’s U-17 on Yelgava. Capitalizing four times in the match-up, Elvin has lifted his goals to six in the competition.

Javidan Gasimli also opened his scoring among the all results, which saved Gabala at the top of the table reaching the points up to ten and the goal difference is 11-3. The second tier has been gained by Dinamo Riga.

Gabala is going into the last game to face FC Riga tomorrow at 1:00 PM of Baku time. In case of Gabala win, our young footballers will be able to lift the Champions Cup.