Gabala-Oure 2-1
News / 20 January 2013 | 15:5467
Gabala-Oure 2-1

Gabala U17 are beating Oure Youth Academy 2:1 in the second testing match within the Antalya training camp.

The game started after the one minute silence in memory of the 20 January martyrs. Gabala came on the pitch with black bandages.

They launched quick attacks since the early minutes making some real threats but the sides were not able to break the deadlock in the half. 

It was Gabala again being faster after the restart, but focusing on attacks, our team were surprised by the goal from the opponents. 

With one goal deficit, it was a real testimony of Gabala"s spirit when they stepped up their inroads into the Oure defence before scoring back for their first. The squad of Azer Baghirov balanced the course of the game with Ehtiram Shahverdiyev. 

The goal added more dynamism to Gabala with sustained period of pressures that led to the second of our youth just in the 20 minutes left. Gismat Aliyev put Gabala ahead. 

Now Gabala U17 are expected to play against the B team of the Oure Youth Academy on Tuesday in their last testing match of the camp. Our young players will return from Antalya on Wednesday.