Gabala won silver medals in Moldova U15 Tournament
News / 17 March 2013 | 15:0292
Gabala won silver medals in Moldova U15 Tournament

Today, Moldova"s Tiraspol U15 International Cup has finished by matches where Gabala have faced Children"s and Youth Sports School of Ukraine.  

It is worth to remember that Gabala, staying up on the unbeaten streak of 4 games in a row, had defeated these opponents 2:1 in the group stage. 

As the pulsating event got underway, the pair launched mutual checkout attacks. Although many occasions for both sides, the deadlock was not broken in the half.

After the break, things restarted the same way and kept it going through some more occasions. Gabala could have opened the scoring with late efforts that were off target. The full time ended goalless and the game turned on penalty shootout. The Ukrainian side went ahead on goal difference of 4:2 to earn gold medals. After the final match-up, the awarding ceremony started where Gabala got their second-place medals and cup with two more rewards given to Joshgun Suleymanov as the best forward and Suleyman Suleymanov, who appeared to be the best keeper of the tournament.