Gabala youth striking 6 wins
News / 20 March 2015 | 16:00155
Gabala youth striking 6 wins

SC Gabala”s Football Academy gain 6 league victories. Red-black U17 defeated Neftchi 3:2 in the first match of the semifinal of Bakcell U17 League. Now they are expected by the return game to be held away on 6 April. 

More victories were taken in next rounds of the AFFA Youth Leagues. Staying on the 2nd place, U19 defeated to Ravan 1:2 after 41 points from 21 events. Now they will miss one tour.

U17 also met Khazar Lankaran to beat them 4:3 keeping up their lead with 41 points before facing Inter.

Coming on no professional matches for the last week, U16 are the top team on the league table through 50 points after 19 games. The will visit Turan for the coming week. 

Sitting 2nd, U15 could not meet AZAL as the away match was postponed. Now they will face Khazar Lankaran in the next tour at home. 

U14 won over Vatan RIOEUGIM 3:1 and shared 2:2 with Neftchi PFK. Their possession developed up to 31 points after 12 matches fortifying at the 2nd place in the capital city zone. 

U13 bitterly disappointed Rabitachi from Yevlakh scoring 12 for the clensheet victory. Now they are having 25 points after 10 points being the lead of the Gabala zone of the North-West and Garabagh region where U12 also beat Shaki UGIM and Yevlakh UGIM, respectively, by 6 and 11 cleansheet goals extending their points up to 29.