Gabala youth teams gained sixteen wins
News / 29 October 2016 | 21:28227
Gabala youth teams gained sixteen wins

Gabala Football Academy has gained sixteen victories from all their seventeen matches of the AFFA Youth League week.
U19 won 2:1 over Zira at home within the postponed fifth tour before the next tour where they defeated also Turan 6:0 in away. Now they are sitting second with sixteen points.
U17 scored three unresponded goals against Sumgayit in away in the fifth tour. The reached up to the second place with thirteen points.
U16 won 6:1 over Turan before falling to Sumgayit. They got the foothold at the fifth place of the league table fifth seven points after four matches.
U15 beat Zira 1:0 taking their third victory on the trot. They are sitting second.
U14, playing in the Baku zone of the capital city region, took a clean-sheet victory over AZAL with five goals to hit their fifth successive win. They are going on top of the league table.
U13 also won clean-sheet victory by three goals over the same side boosting their points up to ten to sit third.
U12, U11 and U10 also came on their next matches in the North-West and Garabagh region’s Gabala  zone.
U12 won 16:1 over Yevlakh UGIM. U12 Gabala UGIM beat UGIM Rabitachi (Yevlakh) by 8:0. Our both team are sharing the top place with twelve points after four tours.
U11 Gabala UGIM defeated UGIM Rabitchi (Yevlakh) with 12:1, as Gabala won over 10:0 over Kurmuk. The red-black teams are going unbeaten for all the four tours with twelve points.
U10 outclassed Oghuz UGIM with 15:1 while Gabala GII won 8:1 over Shaki school number 3. And Gabala UGIM defeated Lokomotiv 5:0. Gabala and GII share the top place with twelve points after four tours while UGIM are having nine points.
Gabala girls won 8:1 over Sumgayit and 8:0 over Vega in their Premier League. Now they are sitting second with six points after two games.