Joshgun preventing Fenerbahce to finish on top
News / 27 September 2012 | 07:04100
Joshgun preventing Fenerbahce to finish on top

 Fenerbahce 1-1 Gabala, U16 match report

Gabala U16 have made a draw against Fenerbahce, one of the first-class clubs of Turkey, in the second testing match of the training camp in Istanbul.

The show, fixed at the Dereagzi facilities, started with mutual attacks of the sides. The half-time proceedings run out on the goalless line.

But it was Gabala being faster with the restart by quick inroads into the Turkish defensive line. As our players threw their all at the back sides of the opponent, our own defenders were troubled by counter attacks that led to a goal in our net.

After Fenerbahce opened the scoring, Gabala rallied again in a display of quick threats at the other end. Our captain Romal Huseynov was capitalized with his through ball past off the target.

Another pulsating moment came up by Farid Asadli meeting a delivery with a header past wide of the goal. But Gabala were able to keep the back line of the Istanbul team under sustained period of pressure.

Ulvi Iskandarov also could have scored, but his shot also was not accurate.

And it was Joshgun Suleymanov giving a timely relief to the early nerves of Gabala, in the 80th minute, nipping in the superb cross by Chingiz Huseynov and firing the ball found the net over the keeper. It could have been worse to Fenerbahce, but Gabala unable to score the second despite many occasions.

Ending in 1-1, it is the second friendly of the training camp after the 2-2 draw against Besiktas in our first-leg match of the trip.

Now Gabala U16 are going to meet Besiktas again today.