Last games show we are on the right way
News / 27 September 2012 | 13:34108
Last games show we are on the right way

Right after the 1:1 draw between Gabala U16 and Fenerbahce U16, senior officials of both sides talk to

Director of the Fenerbahce Football Academy Shenol Chorlu highly estimates the progress of FC Gabala:

"First of all, we are very glad to see the club from fraternal country Azerbaijan in Istanbul. It also would be much pleasant for us to visit Azerbaijan at our first chance. Today we have watched a perfect game and hard work of forum. Gabala really got some very talented players. We know this club are developing their works on infrastructure. As well, we heard some good news about the international tournament you managed in Gabala district at the end of the last season. I can say for sure that you are on the right way".

Gabala Football Academy director Halim Ficici suggests the team are going better now:

“Our team of footballers born in 1997 were provided many trips, as well as international tournaments. In former times they were going behind their opponents in a less physical form. But in the last two matches - against Besiktas and Fenerbahce - our young players set perfect performances. They were well with their fine physical form and resilience as it was seen when our team did not go down after the opening goal of Fenerbahce. They struggled until the end. All these appear to be making evident that we are really on the right way.

But still, our team are not in their best, so they play with the 40 percent of their potential. And they will be fully ready to play for both the main team of Gabala and the national team of Azerbaijan when they are able to perform in their 80 to 90 percent of potential".