SC Gabala and Ronaldinho Soccer Academy signed 3-year deal
News / 15 March 2017 | 23:13134
SC Gabala and Ronaldinho Soccer Academy signed 3-year deal

Gabala Sport Club and Ronaldinho Soccer Academy have signed a 3-year contract at Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai, UAE, today. The deal has been made after the memorandum with the Brazilian world football star in Baku, in 2016. 

Gabala’s commercial director Mustafa Aztopal made an opening speech taking giving broad information about Azerbaijan, capital Baku, Gabala district and the football club, as well as the football development in the country. 

The contract was signed by Gabala vice president Fariz Najafov and Ronaldinho Soccer Academy’s top figure Ronaldinho, and will come into force from September 1st this year. The new academy is to be fully developed for the next year.

Najafov talked about prospective benefits of the project for strengthening the football development in Azerbaijan. The license agreement entitles Gabala with exclusive rights of the new academy across Azerbaijan. The club takes on the obligation of setting up the basis of the soccer academy, as well as its establishment, and protection of the company’s mark value. And the Soccer Academy will give the exclusive right of the name and support the project.