U15 targeting to represent Gabala as a better team, Famil says
News / 12 November 2012 | 09:0799
U15 targeting to represent Gabala as a better team, Famil says

Gabala U15 gave a successful start to the 2012/13 season of the Kapital Bank U-15 League. Famil Khalilov, the coach of the team talks to gabalafc.az after the match ended in the high-score win of Gabala. Firstly, he says about the victory before revealing some details on the readiness and perspectives of his team:
"Early matches of championship always appear to be difficult. I am satisfied by the performance of my team and the result they ground out. But still, there are some shortages. We will work on removal those lacks. Our target is to represent Gabala both in the championship and international tournament as a better team. I am convinced my team will keep going on taking victories".

Khalilov adds also about the fluency of his team:

“My squad had been preparing to the league before it started. They showed up their real form during testing games against Gabala Academy teams, as well as clubs from other regions. Although we got high-score wins in the early tours, I always say to my young players to forget about weak rivals and come on a field just like for final match-up. What I require is just to get rivals failed to our better tactics.

As you know, my team will perform at the 2nd Gabala Cup International Tournament. We are pushing on to be successful with both domestic tournaments and the international cup matches. That is why we chose one age elder teams as opponents during the preparation period”.

Just to note, the current staff of Gabala U15 played in the U14 League last year. Just having his new team this year, the young coach tells:

Since this season, all academy teams will match in a common system (4-3-3), something what is difficult one. The staff should be made up with technical and quick players. They also have to be intelligent for absorbing and being successful with that system in the field.

There are 4 to 5 members in my team who are playing also for the national U15. As we have some foreign flaviours in the staff, it helps to apply the new system in the team.

After I came to the team, we made some changes in the staff with some new transfers. One of them is Murtuz Abakarov from Dagestan. He is someone who can add more dynamism to the team. There are many talented footballers in the staff, but I do not want to give their names. And Huseyngulu Guliyev is still having a big role in building them up to the current level”.

Khalilov was the coach of Gabala U17 in the last season. He squared one gold and one more silver by his team.