U16 took high-scoring win on Turan
News / 11 February 2017 | 18:52148
U16 took high-scoring win on Turan

Gabala Football Academy age groups took four victories during the AFFA youth leagues’ this week, following also one draw.

U19 / Gabala 1:1 Inter
The red-black side are having 41 points after 18 matches and keeping the fourth place.

U17 / Gabala 2:0 Inter
Gabala boosted their points up to 38 after 15 games and are sitting second.

U16 / Turan 1:6 Gabala
Gabala 8:0 Aghsu
The red-black team are the third-place side with 28 points after 14 matches.

U15 / Gabala 3:1 Kapaz
Gabala are the only leader on the league table with 40 points from 14 appearances.