Gabala Academy’s aims and missions tend to feed the kids and youth soccer skills in practical and theoretical methods and to reveal for them peculiarities of growing up with strong character and sense in life, as well.

Soccer Academy in our mind is not restricted just with facilities something like office, pitch or playing, but we are also having particular approaches to every footballer in respect to their talent or physical and psychological readiness.

Gabala Football Club is working out some development programs that satisfy needs of every Academy members on the way towards professional football and sustainable life of individuals. The programs are operated through the principle of “Every training and play is just the same trainer”.

Our Missions: 

- to grow up professional footballers for the home team of Gabala; 

- to ensure their establishing in Gabala with respects to ethics of the club, professionalism and norms of the right behavior with both teammates and opponents;

- Academy-parents-schools collaboration in order to determine development needs of individuals.