14th match-up with Neftchi
Match report / 14 November 2011 | 05:00151
14th match-up with Neftchi

14th match-up with Neftchi

In the thirteenth week of the Unibank Premier League, Gabala is going to receive Neftchi for the Sunday derby that is fourteenth in a row between the clubs.
Gabala, whose name was Gilan until 2006, started to compete with Neftchi since the debut in the Premier Leage in the 2006/07 season. They met two times for each further seasons - 2009/10 is exception with four matches of final, when Gabala and Neftchi were in the same six. 
The clubs have never matched up in cup games.
The all plays between Gabala and Neftchi in domestic championships have been observing with domination in a row of one after one. 
Those games could be diverted into three different stages like those with AZAL in the last week. The first is 2006/08 when Gabala just newly started for championships as it was felt in games with the boys from Baku - Neftchi. That is why Gabala were defeated to Neftchi five games in consecutive. 
Giving a break to win series of Neftchi in 2009 with a draw, players from Gabala district continued into the second stage of the duel, that Neftchi’s face felt a loss in the further five games till the summer of 2010 - with two wins of Gabala. The latter was unable to succeed its win series into the third stage in autumn 2010 – when Neftchi came from behind again – with three games, one a draw. So, Gabala have not been able to find any way into Neftchi’s gate so far after the win in Aprel of 2010.
Now, with the 20 November much-up, Gabala are eager to end the loss feeling for goals and wins to set up the fourth stage of the duet. They are also keen on earning the third three points and dropping the difference in the balance, after the Aprel victory in the last year- 2:1. In the last thirteen games Neftchi were successful with seven points, but Gabala 2, and each team got a point for four times.

Gabala – Neftchi: All Games

2006/07 30.09.2006 Neftchi (Baku) - Gilan (Gabala) 4:1
2006/07 03.04.2007 Gilan (Qəbələ) - Neftchi (Baku) 1:4
2007/08 26.08.2007 Neftchi (Baku) - Gabala 2:0
2007/08 02.03.2008 Gabala - Neftchi (Baku) 2:3
2008/09 24.08.2008 Gabala - Neftchi (Baku) 0:1
2008/09 01.03.2009 Neftchi (Baku) - Gabala 0:0
2009/10 21.10.2009 Gabala - Neftchi (Baku) 1:0
2009/10 10.12.2009 Neftchi (Baku) - Gabala 1:1
2009/10 03.04.2010 Neftchi (Baku) - Gabala 1:2
2009/10 09.05.2010 Gabala - Neftchi (Baku) 0:0
2010/11 15.08.2010 Gabala - Neftchi (Bakı) 0:2
2010/11 21.11.2010 Neftchi (Baku) - Gabala 0:0
2011/12 18.09.2011 Neftchi (Baku) - Gabala 2:0