14th Opposition against Garabagh
News / 18 December 2011 | 20:0093
14th Opposition against Garabagh

Gabala are going into the last game of 2011 against Garabagh in the eighteenth week of the Unibank Premier League on Wednesday.

 The fixture is the fourteenth opposition between the clubs, which faced only at thirteen cup games so far- Garabagh are keeping the lead.

 We are behind with three wins as Garabagh have been lapped up all plaudits for six victories and the goal range is 18:13 in the favour of Aghdam’s team. With the forthcoming seventh home match, we are having gung-ho spirit to grind out a great result while the opponents are suffering the three-game winless streak of the last away games. Gabala keeping up unbeaten series of home shows against Garabagh with two wins and one draw in 1187 days.

The last two match-ups in Gabala were left by Garabagh with no points while we scored at the every latter five home performances. Only at the first game, on 20 August 2006, Gabala could not shake the opponent’s net.

he forums between the clubs up to now could be parted into two rounds. The first 2006/2008 stage was unsuccessful for us – with no wins in five games – when we had no experience in league games.

But the second round swung in the favour of Gabala with three wins, four draws and only defeat in eight matches.


2006/07       20.08.2006  Premier League     Gilan (Gabala) - Garabagh (Aghdam) 0:2


2006/07       22.02.2007  Premier League     Garabagh (Aghdam) - Gilan (Gabala) 3:2


2007/08       06.10.2007  Premier League     Gabala - Garabagh (Aghdam)   1:2


2007/08       13.04.2008  Premier League     Garabagh (Aghdam) - Gabala   2:1


2008/09       20.09.2008  Premier League     Gabala - Garabagh (Aghdam)   1:2


2008/09       15.03.2009  Premier League     Garabagh (Aghdam) - Gabala   0:0


2009/10       23.09.2009  Premier League     Garabagh (Aghdam) - Gabala   0:0


2009/10       06.12.2009  Premier League     Gabala - Garabagh (Aghdam)   1:1


2009/10       21.03.2010  Premier League     Gabala - Garabagh (Aghdam)   3:1


2009/10       24.04.2010  Premier League     Garabagh (Aghdam) - Gabala   1:1


2010/11       25.09.2010  Premier League     Gabala - Garabagh (Aghdam)   2:1


2010/11       13.02.2011  Premier League     Garabagh (Aghdam) - Gabala   3:0


2011/12       27.08.2011  Premier League     Garabagh (Aghdam) - Gabala   0:1