40th goal, 4th smash
News / 30 November 2011 | 20:00171
40th goal, 4th smash

The Wednesday 1/8 final"s 3-0 victory on Neftchala wrote some interesting marks to our club"s history mostly with odds of four or forty.

Fourth double in cup games

As Serge Djiehoua kicked home his second goal on 56 minutes, he made his first double in Gabala, which is our fourth twice goal in a row within domestic championships. 

Up to the African footballer, our only two players could make double in the same game in three different matches: Kanan Kerimov- 2, Vusal Garayev- 1.

2006/07 12.09.2006 1/16 final Shahdagh (Guba) - Gilan (Gabala) 2:5 Vusal Garayev 
2008/09 29.10.2008 1/8 final Gabala - Turan (Tovuz) 2:1 Kanan Kerimov
2008/09 05.11.2008 1/8 final Turan (Tovuz) - Gabala 1:2 Kanan Kerimov 
2011/12 30.11.2011 1/8 final Gabala - Neftçala 3:0 Serge Djiehoua

Fortieth goal

Djiehoua"s second goal had finished the jubilee fortieth goal in cup games of Gabala before Sasha Yunusoglu brought this number to forty one. So, Gabala has been scoring forty one goals in total at twenty eight matches they played since 2005.

Fourth head coach

Fatih Kavlak, who has made his debut against Neftchala, is the fourth coach heading our team at championships. The previous three coaches were Faig Jabbarov in six cup games, Ramiz Mammadov eighteen and Toni Adams three.
Fourth smash

Gabala smashed up its opponent with big clean sheet in their 28th cup games, the kind of win that is our fourth clean-sheet with at least three goals in championships. The previous three shows happened when Gabala were under its former names. And it is the first cup rout over an opponent.

2005/06 15.10.2005 1/16 final CSCA (Baku) - Goy-Gol (Khanlar) 0:4 
2006/07 12.09.2006 1/16 final Shahdagh (Guba) - Gilan (Gabala) 2:5 
2006/07 16.10.2006 1/16 final Gilan (Gabala) - Shahdagh (Guba) 6:0 
2011/12 30.11.2011 1/8 final Gabala - Neftchala 3:0 

Fours by Sasha

The derby against Neftchala was something significant for our skipper Sasha Yunusoglu, as well, while he played in Gabala for his fortieth game after his fourth goal. But the last scoring is his first one in cup contests like Djiehoua, - the number of cup-scoring players have reached to 22 thanks to both of them. 

One was own goal by an opponent.

And Daniel Lopez Cruz was successful to play his jubilee match just like Sasha being in Gabala"s uniform ten times.

Ninth penalty 

The penalty on 2 minutes against Neftchala was our ninth cup free kick in the box, five of which were fired in the main time and four within extra minutes.

Samir Zargarov is the only player kicking the only penalties in the 2006/2007 and 2007/2008 seasons. Although getting well for the first one, he could not be able to score by the second free kick.

In the next two seasons, Kanan Kerimov added more two accurate penalties before Djiehoua hit for five to score the fourth.

But in 2007/2008, Gabala made all four penalties scored in free kick exchange with Baku owing to Anatoli Tebloyev, Georgi Gabidauri, Samir Zargarov and Vugar Hasanov.

Gabala"s first player from Scotland

The next footballer debuting in Gabala is Grem Smith - who is also the 127th player dressed our uniform – fielding against Neftchala. Ninety three footballers of 127 played in cup games. The former keeper of the Scotland"s provisional is the first one playing for Gabala from his country: Terry Cooke is also form the United Kingdom like Smith, but their citizenships are different as the former is of England.

Up to Grem, Gabala leaned on fifty five legionnaires, twenty four of which are from other countries until the last game.  

The Scottish is our fifty sixth keeper. In entire history of Gabala, Georgia has been represented with nine players, Brazil and Russia each six, Serbia and Ukraine each five, Moldova three, and two for each of Holland, Bulgaria and Romania. 

And one player from each next fifteen countries - Argentina, Guinea, Bosnia and Herzegovina, England, Iran, Congo, Latvia, Poland, Portugal, Ivory Coast of Africa, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Jamaica and Scotland. 

Despite the fact that six players of fifty six legionnaires are already nationalized, they are still considered to be from their original lands.