Araz Nakchivan-Gabala 0-1
Match report / 29 October 2014 | 13:32239
Araz Nakchivan-Gabala 0-1

Araz Nakhchivan 0-1 Gabala
Date: 29 October 2014 / Kick-off: 14:00 / Venue: Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Stadium . Crowd: 4600 
Referee: Elvin Asgarov
Referee assistants: Knyaz Amiraslanov, Namig Huseynov
4th official: Feyzulla Feyzullayev  
AFFA member: Abbas Huseynov
Referee inspector: Ahmadagha Cabbarov 
Yellow crads: Ramal Huseynov, 19 (unsporting behavior); Tarlan Xalilov, 65 (unsporting behavior); Agil Nabiyev, 69 (fouling on possible attack) // Adrian Ropotan, 51 (unsporting behavior); Ruslan Taghızada, 64 (unsporting behavior); Ekigo Ehiosun, 82 (delaying restart)
Goals:  Pavol Farkaş, 20 
Extra time: I Part - 0.; II Part 4 min.

Today the Topaz Premier League developed into its 2nd round with the 10th tour where Gabala met with Araz Nakhchivan in away. It was the first-ever trip of the red-black side to Nakchivan.

After finishing the 1st round with victory, the sguad of Dorinel Munteanu came on the pitch just for the next win. The Romaian skipper made some changes to the starting lineup differing from the last game against Sumgayit. So Elvin Jamalov, Markinyos and Victor Mendy were unable to make Gabala”s starting lineup being replaced by Ruslan Abishov, Ekigho Ehiosun and Yazalde Pinto.
The tie ended just with the same 1:0 result of the pair”s first game in the 1st round. The only goal on the show was scored by the visitors during the first half with Pavol Farkas, 29-year-old midfielder scoring his second for Gabala. 

The Slovakian player shot in his earlier goal last tour and succeeded to keep it going into the second match on the trot. He is having his most productive period ever in his all career as he had never been able to score more than 1 in the half of the season.
After the goal , the home side threw everything against the visitors to level as Gabala held on and pushed hard to protecting their lead. But there were no further goal even in the second period.

Gabala”s keeper Kamran Aghayev could break his unsuccessful streak of the last 3 matches he allowed goals. He became an integral part of the team”s second victory in a row with 17 points.
Now Gabala are going to accept Baku in the 11th tour on Sunday. 

Araz Nakhchivan lineup:
85. Kamal Bayramov (c)
3. Alimirza Dashzarini
4. Emin Jafarguliyev
6. Budag Nasirov
7. Ramal Huseynov
(5. Javid Hasanov, 46)
8. Elmin Chobanov
(19. Tarlan Khalilov, 46)
11. Sergey Selyuk
(15. Ruslan Nasirli, 75)
13. Agil Nabiyev
16. Kamil Huseynov
17. Bakhtiyar Soltanov
21. David Janelidze  
1. Elchin Sadigov
2. Tural Humbatov
24. Azar Mammadov
44. Sasha Yunisoghlu 
Head coach: Asgar Abdullayev

Gabala lineup:
1. Kamran Aghayev (c)
10. Dodo
14. Javid Huseynov
15. Ruslan Abishov
(4. Elvin Jamalov, 77)
16. Ruslan Taghizadeh
21. Yazalde Pinto
(9. Victor Mendy, 67)
25. Adrian Ropotan
26. Pavol Farkash
44. Rafael Santos
88. Mushfig Teymurov
(5. Sadig Guliyev, 81)
90. Ekigho Ehiosun
30. Anar Nazirov
8. Vidal Kunya Markus
11. Andrei Cristea
12. Aleksandru Benga
Head coach: Dorinel Munteanu