Baku-Gabala 0-1
Match report / 9 May 2013 | 14:26134
Baku-Gabala 0-1

Baku – Gabala   0:1  

Date: Thursday, 9 May 2013 / Kick-off: 17:00 / Venue: FC Baku Stadium / Crowd: 1000
Referee: Rahim Hasanov
Referee assistants: Yashar Abbasov, Rahil Ramazanov 
4th official: Sarkhan Ismayilov 
AFFA member: Mubariz Huseynov
Referee inspector:  Gulagha Jabarov
Yellow cards: Aziz Guliyev,  51 // Luiz Paulo Hilario, 9; Kamal Mirzayev, 31; Costa Silva, 89; Yannick Kamanan, 90+1 
Goal: Rodrigues Assis, 65 
Extra time: I Part - 1 min.; II Part - 3 min.

Baku lineup:

1. Kamran Aghayev
2. Edemir Rodriguez 
3. Deniss Ivanovs
25. Shahriyar Aliyev
29. Aziz Guliyev
10. Lukas Mario Horvat
88. Javid Huseynov
11. Elvin Mammadov (c)
(17. Mario Rubio, min.78)
28. Ferdi Elmas
(8. Junior Wilson, min.23)
23. Rauf Aliyev
24. Marius Pena 
(77. Aleksandr Solic, min.60)


82. Edin Nuredinoski
5. Agil Nabiyev
99. Rahman Hajiyev
18. Mahir Madatov

Head coach: Bojidar Bandovic

Gabala lineup:

25. Diego Costa
6. Nikola Valentic
10. Luis Paulo Hilario 
(5. Luka Zinko, min.90)
14. Moustapha Dabo 
(11. Yannick Kamanan, min.69)
15. Oumar Kalabane
21. Elmar Bakhshiyev (c)
22. Rodrigues Assis  
(23. Shahriyar Khalilov, min.87)
34. Urfan Abbasov
35. Tarzin Jahangirov
37. Kamal Mirzayev
84. Dejan Kelhar


30. Anar Nazirov 
8. Christian Pulhak 
26. Daniel Lopez Cruz 
99. Amil Yunanov

Coach: Luis Antoni Aragon

Luis Aragon: “Actually, we deserved victories also of the previous matches. But the team were unable to win. Now we made this playing better in the full period. We could have scored more but some occasions went off target. We got a few difficulties in the defensive line. We have introduced 4 players from U21 today as a good matter for both Gabala and national football. I appreciate all efforts of our footballers and fans. Thanks to all!

Bojidar Bandovic: “We played really badly. My squad mostly focused on an individual play. The opponents really deserved the win. Although we lost 7 matches before this one, the team held on and played up to the end. But today, it was quite different and if I was a player, I wouldn't be glad about this performance”.