Boxer Mammadov talking about his victory
Boxing / 10 June 2014 | 06:00165
Boxer Mammadov talking about his victory

Boxer Fariz Mammadov, beating German Matthias Pelk in his revenge match to have the European Cup, returned back home Azerbaijan. In the Baku Airport, he was welcomed by domestic box fans and boxing team of the Gabala Sport Club, as well as officials of the club and mass media. Right after the greeting ceremony, Mammadov came on briefing for the media having WBCA and WBO belts on him he brought from Europe. He says:

"It was really a hard fight with Pelk as I got a hard injury at my eyebrow in the early round. It made me anxious. The opponent could have kept beating the injured spot on my face during all 12 rounds. The injury was supposed to be more painful in further rounds and to force the match to stop.

As you know, I was fighting against Pelk in Germany and the 3 linesmen were Germans although only the middle referee was from Belgium. But I was thinking only about the victory as I had trained 6 months having no break. 

I learned Matthias well and determined he would fight in distance as his arms are long. So I kept beating his shoulder and left his head. As he knew me like an aggressive and close-range fighting boxer, I changed my tactic. My aim was not to force him into knockout but I tried to beat him on aggregate rounds. And the opponent lost the match in the 4th part after my some heavy kicks. This excited even me but then I understood the case was for his heavy injury.

I appreciate the SC Gabala administration on their support. My last defeat to Pelk at home made mey think about putting end to my career and my confidence was not well. So the club helped me much to get back to boxing as they encouraged me. They trusted me and thanks to God that I could respond to this well”.