Every footballer reach to the first-team level
News / 23 January 2012 | 20:0080
Every footballer reach to the first-team level

Gabala will testimony in the match against Ukraine’s Krivbass, after the trainings, today at 17:30 Baku time, and it is the second testing game in Antalya.
Coach Faith Kavlak says to gabalafc.az ahead of the match: 

-       We are going into the second training match. We made some discussions about the mistakes we conceded in the game against Atyrau of Kazakhstan. This game also is as significant as possibility to figure out our shortages and how well we have been trained.
I believe it will be a good show as our team are in a good form of both psychology and physical. There are more three matches to come up, by which we highly value to be prepared prior to the championship.

- Gabala played in two different staffs for the both periods against Atyrau, a bit en mass team. And what about the staff to face Krivbass? Will the first eleven be shown on the display? 

-       Presently there are twenty seven players in Gabala. In case of we want to see a strong team, every player should be lifted to the same high level of readiness as we tried to do it in the earlier testing performance. Now before facing Krivbass we are aiming the same target to pick up our first team after the testing match. What I want is just Gabala’s every footballer can reach to the first-team level.