Fariz Mammadov against Matthias Pelk - PRESS-RELEASE
Boxing / 6 December 2013 | 15:42253
Fariz Mammadov against Matthias Pelk - PRESS-RELEASE

SC Gabala is launching a new project making it evident that the club keeps in conscious mind not only football, but also other sports. After bringing Gabala and Fenerbahca box teams to face at home, this time we go more ahead hosting a spectacular boxing show. Having a professional boxer of both Gabala and Azerbaijan, Fariz Mammadov is going to come on the scene of the European championship. Just to gain IFB, WBCA and WBO classes, he will meet German Matthias Pelk, who is going quite clean. The 12-round fixture will be aired by the Eurosport in 63 countries.

Just ahead of the match, it is planned an open training, press conference and weighting. 

Open training
The open training will be held at Park Boulevard in Baku this Monday. The training will get underway at 19:00 in Baku time.

Press conference
The press conference will be organized to introduce Fariz Mammadov and Matthias Pelk at the Caucasus Point Hotel in Baku to start at 12:00 on Tuesday.

The weighting event will take place at the Caucasus Sport Hotel in Gabala on the next Friday to start at 12:00.

The boxing will get underway at 23:00 on 14 December at Gabala Olympic Sports Complex. The performance is expected to be aired lively by the Eurosport and Idman Azerbaijan.