First home match, first win
Match report / 17 August 2014 | 17:57150
First home match, first win

Gabala – Araz Nakhchivan 1:0
Date: 17 August  2014 / Kick-off: 20:00 / Venue: Gabala City Stadium
Referee: Rahim Hasanov
Referee assistants: Ravan Hamzazada, İsgandar Aliyev
4th official: Xalil Huseynli
AFFA member: Ramiz Abdullayev
Referee inspector: Karim Aghayev
Yellow cards: Yazalde Pinto, 55 (simulation); Adrian Ropotan, 58 (unsporting behavor) // Ramal Huseynov, 26 (unsporting behavor); Ruslan Zubkov, 36 (unsporting behavor)
Goal: Javid Huseynov, 19 (p.)
Extra time: I Part - 1 min.; II Part - 4 min.

Gabala won over Arza Nakhchivan by 1:0 in the second leg match at their first home event. Head coach of the red-black side Dorinel Munteanu introduced the starting team with 3 changes the first game against Inter Baku. Captain Kamran Aghayev took his position at the gate as Gomes Pinto Yazalde took his forward. And Markinyos came on as a midfielder for his debute for Gabala. The triple players replaced Anar Nazirov, Victor Mendy and Andrei Cristea. These changes seemed working out during the full 90 minutes.
In the half,  the red-black side took the lead by quick inroads of Yazalde into the opponent side and Gabala ketp Araz Nakhchivan under sustained period of preassure.
Kicks from Abishov also gave some troubles to the visitors but their keeper Kamal Bayramov held on clear against some many threats. But then he faled to save his team from the goal with penalty by Javid Huseynov, who scored in the winner and first goal of the red-black team for the 2014/2015 season.
The visitors could gave only one trouble during the half before stepping up their attacks in the second period. But Aghayev gave cool saves for his team denying 2 threats. 
And it was Gabala again gaining the lead again with Markinyos deflected by both Bayramov and post on some occasions.

The result left Gabala having their 3 points at the 6th tier with their first victory of the Topaz Premier League season.
Gabala line-up:
1. Kamran Aghayev (c)
7. Ruslan Amirjanov
8. Markus Vidal
12. Aleksandr Benga
14. Javid Huseynov
15. Ruslan Abishov
(4. Elvin Jamalov, 83)
21. Yazalde Pinto
(9. Victor Mendy, 73)
25. Adrian Ropotan
26. Pavol Farkas
34. Urfan Abbasov
90. Ekigo Ehiosun
(11. Andrei Cristea, 78)
30. Anar Nazirov
6. Volodimir Levin
16. Ruslan Taghizadeh
36. Elnur Allahverdiyev
Head coach: Dorinel Munteanu
Araz Nakhchivan line-up:
85. Kamal Bayramov (c)
4. Emin Jafarguliyev
6. Budag Nasirov
(10. Eshgin Guliyev, 22)
7. Ramal Huseynov
(11. Vugar Asgarov, 78)
8. Elmin Chobanov
17. Bakhtiyar Soltanov
19. Tarlan Khalilov
(9. Garib Ibrahimov, 58)
20. Ruslan Zubkov
21. David Janelidze
24. Azar Mammadov
25. Oleksandr Krustkevic
1. Elcin Sadigov
2. Tural Humbatov
3. Alimirza Dashzarini
14. Elhad Naziri
Head coach: Asgar Abdullayev