Gabala -Gharabagh 0-0 Match Report
Match report / 20 December 2011 | 20:00106
Gabala -Gharabagh 0-0 Match Report

Gabala 0:0 Garabagh

21 December 2011. Time 14:00. Gabala City Stadium. 1,000 Attendance 
Referee: Elchin Mammadov 
Referee assistants: Mehman Mahmudov, Rahil Ramazanov 
4th referee: Aliyar Aghayev 
AFFA representative: Asgar Amiraliyev 
Referee inspector: Gulagha Jabarov 
Yellow cards: Luiz Paulo Hilario, 43; Aleksandr Chertoganov, 54 ; Daniel Lopes Kruz, 60 // Maksim Medvedev, 53; Rashad Sadigov, 88; Admir Teli, 89 
Extra time: First half- 1 min.; Second half - 3 min. 

Gabala have finished their contest in 2011 sharing a draw with Garabagh in the eighteenth week of the Unibank Premier League. Fortifing in the group of six was significant for the both sides after we defeated the opponents 1:0 in the qualifying round on 27 August of this year. 

Althoug absence of some Gabala players, Fatih Kavlak's men were the better side on desplay.

The first threat was came up on 6 minutes by Dodo giving a cross from the right towards the net before Mendy's follow-up kick at the close range and Boyan Pavlovich deny.

Boyan was under spotlight againg in the 27th minute deflecting Sasha Yunusoglu's header a corner shot.

Dodo's the 38-minut threat could open the scoring when he beat the Garabagh keeper and fired to the post.

Playing mostly in defensive display, Garabagh could be able make a threat just before half-time. Beating Gabala's two midfielders, Afran Ismayilov entered the 18-yard box from the right but Doroshev carefuly denied him. 

Gabala's arch rivals seemed coming alive in the second half with constant attacks lasted just by 5 minutes after the hour mark.

And within the last 25 minutes, Gabala came from behind again, when Gurban Gurbanov's squad were forced to intercept the home side with rude tactics, but no good effects by the both teams.

Baranin was very close to be capitalized on 82 minutes wit his threatening header.

So, the last match-up of 2011 ended a draw with one point for the each sides.

Fatih Kavlak: “We knew that, it would be difficult to play against this team of Azerbaijan - who usually show the best performance with short spaces - in such a handsome stadium. We were preparing for the game with this thought. I think it was a cracking show. We hardly tried to grind out a result relying on players in the standard tall figure and dug to earn just one point playing well against the arch rival. We will try to spend the break in benefit". 

Gabala 0:0 Garabagh - 21.12.2011 


12. Pavel Doroshev 
3. Vurghun Huseynov 
6. Lyuba Baranin (c) 
8. Bruno da Silva 
9. Vikcor Mendy
14. Veselko Trivunovich 
17. Arif Isayev 
(22. Murad Huseynov, min.53) 
18. Aleksandr Chertoganov 
26. Daniel Lopes Kruz 
33. Sasha Yunisoglu 
77. Luiz Paulo Hilario Dodo 


30. Grem Smith 
5. Sergey Sokolov 
7. Yashar Abuzarov 
25. Nuran Gurbanov 
28. Mushfig Teymurov 
29. Amil Yunanov 

Coach: Fatih Kavlak 


99. Boyan Pavlovich 
2. Gara Garayev 
5. Maksim Medvedev 
7. Namig Yusifov 
11. Rauf Aliyev 
(20. Nderim Nedzipi, min.68) 
14. Rashad Sadigov
17. Vugar Nadirov 
(77. Georgi Adamiya, min.80) 
22. Afran Ismayilov 
24. Admir Teli 
25. Ansi Agolli 
88. Leonardo Rosha 
(9. Bakhtiyar Soltanov, min.86) 

1. Farhad Valiyev 
4. Zaur Hashimov 
10. Emin Imamaliyev 
18. Ilgar Gurbanov 

Coach: Gurban Gurbanov