Gabala and Shakhtar Signed Contract
News / 8 January 2012 | 20:00174
Gabala and Shakhtar Signed Contract

The collaboration and visitation exchange between Gabala and Ukraine-s FC Shakhtar has now evolved into official motion by contract that has been signed by the both sides.
The document considers improving the relationships up to the win-win through collaboration among the academies, home and second teams, as well as on marketing.
To grow up some domestic professional players by the both side"s academies are emphasized in the contract.
The both clubs are also determined the academies to manage trainings exchange at each sides facilities, and also exchange of invitation to academy tournaments. Academy coaches will make trips to each side"s facilities to join away trainings.
Exchange or internship of footballers are also in consideration.
The contract makes it possible to discuss involving Ukrainian players to Gabala, who are not in the home team of Shakhtar.
The second teams are now able to be trained in mutual tutors. The marketing departments are agreed the clubs to advertise each other in native countries.
Gabala have allowed to get a benefit from Shakhtar-s field Donbass Arena, which is one of the most grandiose stadiums of the Europe, as our natural turf specialist Philip Sharples will make a trip to Ukraine on the intention of survey into the collaboration opportunities.