Gabala-AZAL 1-0
Match report / 22 November 2013 | 13:08226
Gabala-AZAL 1-0

Gabala - AZAL 1:0

Date: 22 November 2013 / Time: 14:20 / Venue: Gabala City Stadium / Crowd: 1000
Referee: Fariz Yusifov
Referee assistants: Knyaz
Amiraslanov, Isgandar Aliyev
4th official: Farid Mammadov
Extra referee assistants: Elvin
Asgarov, Omar Pashayev
AFFA members: Shaig Hamidov
Referee inspector: Fazil Murshudov
Yellow cards: Luis Paulo Hilario, 36
(unsporting behavior); Victor Mendy,
65 (unsporting behavior); Leonardo
da Silva, 82 (unsporting behavior) //
Victor Igbekoi, 34 (fouling on perspective attack)
Goal: Leonardo da Silva, 72
Extra time: I Part - 0; II part - 3 min.

Gabala beat AZAL in the 14th tour of the Topaz Premier League for the 20th tie.

The pace of the match got underway by mutual attack of the sides. Taking the lead gradually, Gabala set up their first threat in the 6th minute when Yannick Kamanan failed to score after being one on one with the visiting keeper. Another occasion came up with Ebecilio being deflected by the keeper clear. The most pulsating threat of the half appeared by Subotic, whose header was denied by the post after a cool corner.

The second period started a bit lifelessly. Then Yuri Semin made a good flavor to the show on 62 minutes replacing his forwards -- Subotic and Kamanan were substituted by, respectively, Afolabi and Mendy. The game got dynamism with sustained period of Gabala attacks led to the 72nd minute goal. Leonardo Da Silva put his team one ahead by a perfect shot- 1:0. Several minutes later on, Leonardo could have been doubled his goal but his free kick was deflected by the post.

The result left Gabala fortifying in the top 3 on the league table.

Gabala lineup:

27. David Pietrzkevic
6. Volodimir Levin (c)
8. Nizami Hajicyev
10. Luis Hilario
11. Yannick Kamanan
(9. Victor Mendy, min.62)
14. Lorenzo Ebecilio
18. Ibrahima Niasse
31. Daniel Subotic
(19. Abdulwaheed Afolabi, min.62)
36. Elnur Allahverdiyev
42. Leonardo da Silva
(3. Nikola Valentic, min.89)
88. Mushfig Teymurov

25. Diego Costa
4. Amid Guluzadeh
5. Sadig Guliyev
22. Assis Rodrigues
Head coach: Yuri Semin

1. Ruslan Majidov
2. Juan Francisco
4. Jose Junior Ailton
7. Javid Taghiyev
(22. Ruslan Taghızada, daq.74)
10. Jhon Oluremi
(21. Rey Mammadbayli, min.80)
15. Oskars Klava
17. Victor Igbekoi (c)
20. Branislav Arsenyevic
23. Tural Narimanov
30. Yuri Fomenko
(8. Garib Ibrahimov, min.72)
31. Shahriyar Rahimov

12. Cahangir Hasanzadeh
6. Natig Karimi
25. Adil Naghiyev
28. Emin Jafarguliyev

Head coach: Vagif Sadygov