Gabala & Barcelona Start to Collaborate
News / 24 November 2011 | 20:00165
Gabala & Barcelona Start to Collaborate

FC Gabala, whose main intention is to evolve into the range of world-standard teams, has now made the next step on this way singing a collaboration contract with FC Barcelona. The collaboration initiative came up from Gabala.

The goal of the document is to take benefits from experience of the world-class club of Spain that we aim to implement to develop the home team and academy for the main target – to get Gabala achieved to be a professional football club. 
The first item of the contract has to be activated on 12 December when Barcelona’s well-known coaches are going to visit Azerbaijan. The fixture is to hold a 10-day training-seminar for our coaching staff in Gabala district.

Barcelona’s Xavier Aguado Companys, Carlos Martorell and former player of the club Josep Moratalla are among the delegation. 

The latter, who is UEFA’s a Pro class coach now, will head the visitors and is highly experienced in such kind of seminars. Moratalla is also known as a professional organizer of Barcelona’s soccer schools and seminars in Spain and other European countries.

The training-seminar will outline the main principles of coaching that Barcelona have and are willing to share with Gabala’s coaches. The event will be held in six hours for each day covering three hours for theoretical and the other half for practical trainings.

Moratalla is expected to visit Gabala again for a week of May or June in the next year for test review on the seminar’s effects. 

Moreover, in February or March, delegation of eight coaches from Gabala will be dispatched to Spain to be more trained at Barcelona’s academy for a week.  

The contract is jus start on the way of contribution with Barcelona and we are determined to work out a plan, where our academy teams and some active players also will have trainings at Barcelona for the recent future.