Gabala beat champs finishing season
Match report / 11 May 2012 | 17:15156
Gabala beat champs finishing season

Date: 11 May 2012. Kick-off: 17:30. Venue: Bakikhanov Settlement Stadium after Ismat Gayibov. Attendance: 1,500
Referee: Fariz Yusifov
Referee assistants: Elman Musayev, Munis Abdullayev
4th referee: Rauf Jabbarov
AFFA representative: Mammadali Mammadov
Referee inspector: Shahin Jafarov
Yellow cards: Igor Mireski, 49 (foul); Ruslan Abishov, 70 (touching by hand)
Goal: Amil Yunanov, 87
Extra time: First Part - 1 min.; Second Part - 3 min.

Gabala win victory over Neftchi with the minimal score at the last 32nd round of the Unibank Premier League. The tie was making not so much importance as the league champs keep their place comfortably on the table while Gabala lost their chance to get a foothold at the awarding scene well before. But anyway the tie was kind of testimony to spirits of Neftchi after their one win and two defeats in last three match-ups against Gabala.

The show started investigating inroads by both sides. The first threat came up from Gabala with Victor Mendy being through one on one with Sasha Stamenkovich, but the home keeper was clear. The both teams were not able to open the scoring before the half-time on many occasions.

They kept sorts in the backs-to-the-wall display in the second half, too, up to the 3 minutes left. Fatih Kavlak timely introduced Amil Yunanov on 80 minutes. The young flavour slotted home to put Gabala ahead. He should share his marks with another young Gabala talent Urfan Abbasov who shot the ball that was deflected by the host keeper before Amil fired in from close range.

Now Gabala won the third league victory over Neftchi on the trot in four ties of the season. It means we finish the tournament at the fifth tire, something that is best result we ground out in our history. And the champions got in our record book as the team giving us the biggest – 9 points.


30. Sasha Stamenkovich
2. Rail Malikov
3. Denis Silva
5. Igor Mitreski
6. Slavcho Georgiyevski
(8. Elshan Abdullayev, min.80)
9. Flavio Alex Valencio
15. Ruslan Abishov
18. Ruslan Amirjanov
19. Mirhuseyn Seyidov
22. Farid Guliyev
(11. Javid Huseynov, min. 68)
27. Rashad Abdullayev


1. Rauf Mehdiyev
26. Karim Diniyev
28. Emin Mehdiyev
29. Ilham Allahverdiyev
32. Elvin Yunuszadeh

Coach: Boyukagha Hajiyev


30. Grem Smith
7. Yashar Abuzarov
(29. Amil Yunanov, min.80)
8. Bruno da Silva
9. Victor Mendy
(38. Seymur Asadov, min.68)
11. Yannick Kamanan
15. Nodar Mammadov
20. Steve Olfers
21. Elmar Bakhshiyev
33. Sasha Yunisoghlu
34. Urfan Abbasov
77. Luiz Paulo Hillario
(26. Daniel Lopes Cruz, min. 75)


1. Elnar Karimov
5. Sergey Sokolov
10. Deon Burton
25. Nuran Gurbanov

Coach: Fatih Kavlak