Gabala-Ingolstadt 3-4 - Photogallery
Match report / 22 January 2013 | 17:40173
Gabala-Ingolstadt 3-4 - Photogallery

Gabala first team have lost to Ingolstadt of Germany 3:4 at their first-leg match within the Antalya trip. Out staff include:

Diego Costa Silva, Vurghun Huseynov, Dejan Kelhar, Rashad Abdullayev, Dodo, Victor Mendy, Mustafa Dabo, Emin Imamaliyev, Urfan Abbasov, Gogic, Emeghara.

The pace of the game started with mutual attacks and the Germans came out opening the scoring in the 29th minute. Gabala got the momentum gradually that led to the equalizer by Rashad Abdullayev"s free kick at the closing minutes of the half. 

It was the same tempo after the restart and the European team went one better again on 49 minutes. But it was Gabala showing another resilience to fed back 4 minutes later when Rashad Abdullayev"s kick in the box was deflected by the opponent defender right into their own net - 2:2.

The goal prompted the German side to score back two more. The last goal was sealed by Yannick Kamanan before meeting the perfect delivery from Victor Mendy - 4:3.

Now the squad of Ramiz Mammadov are just ahead of the next event fixed against Nalchik Spartak on Friday.