Gabala lost to Simurg, failed to be league second
Match report / 16 December 2012 | 12:31156
Gabala lost to Simurg, failed to be league second

Gabala 0:1 Simurg
Goal: Mario Bojic, 77

Date: 16 December 2012 / Kick-off: 14:00 / Venue: Boyuk Amili Stadium of Gabala / Crowd: 500
Referee: Vusal Aliyev
Referee assistants: Ramiz Asadov, Elshan Ajalov
4th official: Ingilab Mammadov
AFFA member: Ogtay Abdullayev
Hakim inspector: Khagani Mammadov
Yellow: Elmar Bakhshiyev, 38 (unsporting behaviour) // Aleksandr Shemonayev, 33 (unsporting behaviour); Ilkin Girtimov, 53 (unsporting behaviour); Rasim Ramaldanov, 56 (unsporting behaviour); Mario Bojich, 60 (unsporting behaviour); Murad Sattarlı, 85 (unsporting behaviour); Garib Ibrahimov, 90+2 (unsporting behaviour); David Pietrzkevich, 90+3 (unsporting behaviour)
Red: David Pietrzkevich (insulting the referee after the game)
Goal: Mario Bojic, 77
Extra time: I Part - 2 min.; II Part - 3 min.

Heavy snowing forced the match to be held not in the Gabala City Central Stadium but in the training center pitch of the club located in Boyuk Amili village. Both sides were up to a tally to the top six. Gabala were just an inch away from being the second team on the league table.

The home side started faster. The first threat came out from our team in the 12th minute when Yannick Kamanan failed to finish the fine ball from Rodrigues Assis. The home vocal support prompted Gabala to surge forward but again with Kamanan in the box clearly deflected by the visiting Pietrzkievich.

Simurg got in behind the squad of Ramiz Mammadov more regularly since the second half of the first period. With the balanced game, the first 45 minutes ended in goalless situation.
It was Gabala again going better with the pace of the second half. Rashad Abdullayev went close to breaking the deadlock with the free kick in the 48th minute but Pietrzkievich absorbed it after two efforts.

Stepping up their inroads into the Simurg defence, Gabala gave another trouble to the opponent keeper before the hour mark. This time Bruno da Silva”s long range goalbound shot swung over the woodwork. Backing on far range shots, the red-black half of the pitch kept Simurg under sustainable period of pressure. Rashad was again close to grabbing the first goal of the show but Pietrzkievich gave another save denying the Gabala captain.

With the home side being expected to open the scoring, Simurg did this through the 77th-minunte counter attack that was finished by Mario Bojic with a header past our keeper.

Following the left minutes, we pushed for a level on many occasions but were wide of goal. After the final whistle gave an end to pulsating minutes of Simurg at the closing stage, Pietrzkevich blew up against the referee before getting his red.

Gabala line-up

30. Anar Nazirov
8. Bruno Da Silva
10. Luis Paulo Hilario
11. Yannick Kamanan
15. Umar Kalabane
19. Rovshan Amiraslanov
21. Elmar Bakhshiyev
(9. Victor Mendy, min.55)
22. Lourival Rodrigues
27. Rashad Abdullayev (c)
34. Urfan Abbasov
84. Dejan Kelhar


25. Diego Costa Silva
7. Yashar Abuzarov
3. Vurghun Huseynov
23. Shahriyar Khalilov
26. Daniel Lopes Cruz
35. Tarzin Jahangirov

Head coach: Ramiz Mammadov


22. David Pietrzkievic
2. Ilkin Girtimov
3. Rasim Ramaldanov (c)
(17. Rustam Mammadov, min.90+3)
7. Ruslan Poladov
8. Garib Ibrahimov
10. Zdravko Popovic
(20. Rashad Eyubov, min.88)
13. Aleksandr Shemonayev
15. Stepan Polyak
6. Anderson Oliveira
21. Murad Sattarly
(19. Nijat Gurbanov, min.85)
25. Mario Bojiç


1. Dmitri Kramarenko
9. Marcin Burkhardt
14. Asif Mirili
79. Nenad Stoyanovich

Head coach: Giorgi Chikhradze

Giorgi Chikhradze: “It were desperate need for this win to get a foothold in the top six. We played a difficult game against a very strong team. I appreciate my team for the three points”.

Ramiz Mammadov: “I congratulate the opponents on the victory. It was of most important games for us. We were well prepared to the tie but were out of win”.