Gabala-Neftchi 4-1
Match report / 11 March 2012 | 16:05128
Gabala-Neftchi 4-1

Gabala 4 – 1 Neftchi

Date: 11 March 2012. Kick-off: 14:00. Venue: Boyuk Amili Statium of Gabala . Crowd: 1000 
Referee: Aliyar Aghayev 
Referee assistants: Mehman Mahmudov, Munis Abdullayev 
4th referee: Vusal Aliyev
AFFA representative: Ogtay Abdullayev 
Referee inspector: Gulagha Jabarov 
Yellow cards: Luiz Paulo Hilario, 45+2  // Slavcho Georgiyevski, 48  
Goals: Luiz Paulo Hilario, 18; 27; Yannick Kamanan, 78; 83 // Bahodir Nasimov, 66   
Extra time: I part - 2 min.; II part - 4 min. 

Gabala took 4:1 win over Neftchi at the beginning of the League final in the 23rd week at home, but not in the Gabala City Stadium owing to the heavy snowing. Fatih Kavlak"s squad were all for a win to be holding on their way to the triumph while the league top opponents just needed to mount on points.

The sides made exploring efforts for early ten minutes of the lively match. But it was Gabala that dominated a possession for the further minutes making serious inroads into the visiting defense. The home side"s quick pressures at the other end led to opening the scoring in 17th minute. After Rauf Mehtiyev denied Kamanan"s goalbound shot and Lubo Baranin"s header, the Neftchi keeper was beaten by Dodo coolly finishing the astonishing attack. Soon after, the latter scored into his double just like his earlier goal converting a corner- 2:0. 

With Daniel Cruz being inches from his team"s third goal on 32 minutes, Neftchi failed on their some threatening occasions and Gabala stayed firm to leave the half on top. 

Getting a momentum from the pace of the second part, Neftchi were able to write their only goal on the table six minutes after hour mark, when Bahodir Nasimov showed a showpiece acrobatic shot- 2:1. It forced the home side to rally again as it seemed just a matter of time before Yannick Kamanan"s 78-minute goal, which is also his fifth in the last three matches. Five minutes later, the French forward was fed the ball by Victor Mendy having him one on one with the keeper to earn his double, which was the last goal of the bitterly disappointing night of Neftchi.

Now the emphatic victory over Neftchi is coach Kavlak"s second tie with the opponents, and also a successful start into the Unibank Premier League final.


12. Pavels Dorosevs
4. Mahir Shukurov (c) 
6. Lubo Baranin 
8. Bruno da Silva 
9. Victor Mendy 
11. Yannick Kamanan 
(21. Elmar Bakhshiyev, min.85) 
18. Aleksandr Certoganov 
20. Steve Olfers 
26. Daniel Lopez Cruz 
(15. Nodar Mammadov, min.62) 
34. Urfan Abbasov 
77. Luiz Paulo Hillario 
(16. Abdulkader Kamara, min.90+1) 


30. Grem Smith 
17. Arif Isayev 
22. Murad Huseynov 
33. Sasha Yunisoghlu 

Coach: Fatih Kavlak 


1. Rauf Mehdiyev 
2. Rail Malikov (c) 
5. Igor Mitreski 
6. Slavco Georgiyevski 
(19. Mirhuseyn Seyidov, min.60) 
9. Flavio Alex Valencio
14. Bahodir Nasimov 
15. Ruslan Abishov 
18. Ruslan Amirjanov 
25. Javid Imamverdiyev 
27. Rashad Abdullayev 
32. Elvin Yunuszadeh 
(11. Javid Huseynov, min.76) 


30. Sasha Stamenkovich 
3. Denis Silva 
16. Alessandro Viana da Silva 
22. Farid Guliyev 
28. Emin Mehdiyev 

Coach: Boyukagha Hajiyev