Gabala - PSV-2 - 0:0 - Photogallery
Match report / 10 January 2015 | 12:46246
Gabala - PSV-2 - 0:0 - Photogallery

Gabala appeared on their first leg trial match, within the Antalya training camp in Turkey, against PSV from Netherlands. It has been also registered first experience with new head coach Roman Grigorchuk.

Gabala starting line-up:

Anar Nazirov, Urfan Abbasov, Aleksandru Benga, Ruslan Abishov, Ruslan Taghizadeh, Elvin Jamalov, Aleksey Gay, Dodo, Javid Huseynov, Bakhtiyar Soltanov, Ulisse Diallo.

PSV line-up:
Yesse Bertrams, Augustine Loof, Hjortur Hermannsson, Yordi de Viys, Suentli Alberto, Klint Leemans, Mussa Sano, Farsad Nur, Boris Smilyanic, Andriya Lukovic, Ancelo Budovic.

Although the mutual attacks, no goals were scored for the full time. Even some changes in both sides could not help to break the deadlock. The result of the first leg match of 2015 left Gabala in a draw against PSV.

Now the red-black team are going to have their next trial match against Turkey”s Super League team Eskisehirspor fixed to next Wednesday.