Gabala returning with victory
News / 2 February 2012 | 20:00148
Gabala returning with victory

On Thursday, Gabala defeated RNK Split of Croatia in the see-saw match 4:3 for their last testing game during the winter training camp in Belek of Antalya, Turkey.

Staffs of the teams:

Pavel Doroshev , Daniel Kruz , Lubo Baranin, Steve Olfers (Sergey Sokolov), Mahir Shukurov,  Bruno da Silva (Yashar Abuzarov) , Aleksandr Chertoganov (Elmar Bakhshiyev), Tarzin Jahangirov (Veselko Trivinovich),  Luis Hilario Dodo (Urfan Abbasov),  Victor Mendy , Yannick Kamanan. 

RNK Split:
Andrija Vukovic, Filip Marcic, Mirko Hrgovic, Ivica Krizanac, Velimir Vidic, Lovro Sindik, Ante Vitaic, Ante Erceg, Marco Teshiya, Duje Cop, Josip Golubar.

The Croatians were very close to open scoring at the threatening occasion when the header passed just wide. A few minutes later, Chertoganov fired sublime goal from the spot – 1:0. But Split made a swift respond with Mirko Hrgovic by the same penalty kick. 

Gabala were reinforced by substitutes Veselko Trivunovich and Sergey Sokolov after the break, among others within the full time - Elmar Bakhshiyev, Yashar Abuzarov and Urfan Abbasov.

Daniel Kruz converted the corner from skipper Mahir Shukurov to Baranin to score again. But the double by Hrgovic regained Split the equalizer when the former player of the Bosnia and Herzegovina provisional team shot in his second penalty before the time elapsed – 2:2.

At the end, the sides were determined on penalty rain that led Gabala to go ahead with 4:3 in the lively match. It was our third win in five testifying shows in a raw during the Antalya winter camp.