Gabala striking domestic league bronze
Match report / 28 May 2015 | 18:03267
Gabala striking domestic league bronze

Gabala 3 – 0 Baku

Date: 28 May 2015 / Kick-off: 20:00 / Show place: Gabala City Stadium / Crowd: 2,200
Referee: Aliyar Aghayev
Assistant referees: Zeynal Zeynalov, Munis Abdullayev
Linesman: Ramil Ahmadov
AFFA member: Adil Nadirov
Referee inspector: Fuzuli Najafov
Yellow card: Aleksey Gay, 33 (unsporting behavior); Gismat Aliyev, 73 (unsporting behavior); Rafael Santos, 85 (unsporting behavior) // Eltun Huseynov, 23 (unsporting behavior); Gvanzan Magomedov, 60 (unsporting behavior); Geyrat Aliyev, 89 (systematically fouling)
Goals: Victor Mendy, 7; Ekigho Ehiosun, 13, 24
Stoppage time: I Part - 0.; II Part 2 min.

Gabala took the 3rd place of the domestic Topaz Premier League beating Baku in the last 36th tour match of the season. The event was held on Thursday, 28 May the Republic Day of Azerbaijan”s as the state flags covered many tribunes by Gabala fans. Roman Grigorchuk”s side came on the pitch just for a point to earn their second bronze medal ever.

Captain Victor Mendy gave a good start to the show scoring the early opener, as well as his 33rd for Gabala, clearly finishing in the box a superb pass from Aleksey Gai.

Shortly after the goal, Mendy went close too close to his double before failing to convert in after a good cross by Rashad Sadigov.

With more minutes into the game, Mendy came one on one with the Baku keeper and set up Ekigho Ehiosun to shot Gabala”s second – 2:0.

During the half, the latter sealed in the winner goal by his double meeting a superior free-kick telegraph by Javid Huseynov.

After the 3 goals, the visitors looked prompted and throwing everything against the home side. But they failed to set up any serious threats in the Gabala box during the first period.

With the restart, it was Gabala again taking the lead with Javid pushing into the Baku defense where he was fouled. And Abishov”s free kick pass well off the target.

Although with further more efforts by both sides, the matters were settled in 3:0 as Gabala hit the 3rd place of the tournament by 54 points.

Gabala line-up:
22. Dmitri Bezotosny
4. Elvin Jamalov
(17. Gismat Aliyev, 56)
6. Rashad Sadigov
9. Victor Mendy (c)
14. Javid Huseynov
15. Ruslan Abishov
19. Aleksey Gai
20. Ricardinho
34. Urfan Abbasov
44. Rafael Santos
(32. Mikhail Sivakov, 87)
90. Ekigho Ehiosun
(18. Ruslan Fomin, 46)
30. Anar Nazirov
5. Sadig Guliyev
16. Ruslan Taghizadeh
26. Pavol Farkas
Head coach: Roman Grigorchuk

Baku line-up:

12. Elxan Ahmadov
6. Vugar Baybalayev
15. Azad Karimov
2. Nijat Asgarov
19. Eltun Huseynov
(35. Gvanzan Magomedov, 36)
99. Kamil Nurahmadov
56. Geyrat Aliyev
7. Nuran Gurbanov
(39. Tayyar Mammadov, 75)
77. Ramazan Abbasov
(20. Valeh Seyidov, 83)
11. Tural Gurbatov
10. Nurlan Novruzov (c)
1. Elchin Sadigov
46. Yusup Khakimov
55. Aydin Mustafazadeh
54. Matin Abilsoy
Head coach: Ibrahim Uzunca