Gabala - Sumgait Shahar 3 - 1
Match report / 3 December 2011 | 20:00174
Gabala - Sumgait Shahar 3 - 1

Gabala 3-1 Sumgait Shahar

Date:4 December 2011. Time: 14:00. Gabala city, Hajiali Stadium. Crowd- 1000.
Head referee: Rahim Hasanov.
Referee assistants: Azer Asgarov, Isgandar Aliyev.
4th referee: Fuad Hasanov.
AFFA representative: Rauf Huseynli.
Referee inspector: Ahmadagha Jabbarov.
Jellow cards: Sasha Yunusoglu, 62; Luiz Paulo Hilario, 71; Aleksandr
Chertoganov, 90+2
Goals: Serge Djiehoua, 37; Luiz Paulo Hilario, 70; Victor Mendy, 86;
Samir Abbasov, 39.
Extra time: first half: 0 min., second half: 3 min.

Gabala have won victory over Sumgait Shahar 3-1 at home in the
fifteenth tour of the Unibank Premier League.
The venue was the Hajiali stadium as the central field was covered with snow.
The favorite side were Gabala, had defeated Sumgait Shahar 2-1 at the
first tour of the qualifying round of the season.
The early attacks were shown by Fatih Kavlak’s men and the first
threat was set up by Serbian midfielder Veselko Trivunovich. But the
goal keeper carefully absorbed the ball.
On 17 minutes, Mendy was one on one with the keeper, but Sahil Kerimov
deflected it againg. The follow-up ball was kicked by Djiehoua in
misdirection although he found the net empty.
Sumgait Shahar could make their first kick to Gabala’s net in the 27th
minute and Doroshev gave Timur Israfilov no chance to be happy. Just
after a minute, Doroshev was under under spotlight again deflecting
the ball headed by Orkhan Hasanov.
Gabala achieved to open scoring on 37 minutes: Dodo headed the ball
after the corner to Djiehoua, who couldn’t have missed at the close
range- 1-0.
And after two minutes, Sumgait Shahar reached to the equalizer as
Samir Abbasov fired the ball right into the net taking advantage of
free kick.
Early 20 minutes of the second part passed with backs-to-the-wall
display for the both sides in the center of the field.
Gabala went better in 70th minute when the keeper could not keep the
ball headed by Dodo at the first chance set up by Lubo Baranin’s out.
After the goal, the home side came from behind with some threatening
cases and the benefit came up on 86 minutes. Mendy finished the
telegraph by Vurghun Huseynov- 3:1.

Fatih Kavlak: Today, our team knew that they should be in discipline
and toil until the end. Generally they did this and I congratulate
them. Although there were some situations to be capitalized in the
first half, we could be able to score just at one episode. And in the
second part, we could show ourselves as a winner on display playing
well. Every game is hard to win in Azerbaijan’s competitions. And, our
target is to earn trophy at the upcoming performances.


12. Pavel Doroshev
3. Vurghun Huseynov
6. Lubo Baranin (c)
8. Bruno da Silva
9. Victor Mendy
(17. Arif Isayev, min.89)
11. Serge Djiehoua
14. Veselko Trivunovich
(26. Daniel Lopez Cruz, min.86)
15. Nodar Mammadov
18. Aleksandr Chertoganov
33. Sasha Yunisoglu
77. Luiz Paulo Hilario
(7. Yashar Abuzarov, min.88)


30. Grem Smith
5. Sergey Sokolov
22. Murad Huseynov
20. Stiv Olfers

Head coach: Fatih Kavlak

Sumgayit Shahar

12. Sahil Karimov
4. Samir Abasov (c)
16. Haji Ahmadov
22. Ruslan Taghızadeh
25. Timur Israfilov
8. Emin Mustafayev
(27. Ramil Hashimzadeh, min.79)
7. Mahmud Gurbanov
9. Orkhan Hasanov
(50. Samir Abdulov, min.75)
52. Badavi Huseynov
47. Abdulla Abatsiyev
(2. Slavik Alkhasov, min.69)
11. Kamil Nurahmadov


1. Emil Balayev
70. Shamil Jamaladdinov
5. Ramil Nuriyev
15. Aleksandr Gross

Head coach: Bernhard Raab