Gabala surprised me
News / 12 January 2012 | 20:00122
Gabala surprised me

Yannick Kamanan gives interview to about his early impressions in Gabala:

- Now you are in Gabala, Azerbaijan after playing for different countries, and it would be of interest to know your first impressions on the country... 

- As I just newly came to Azerbaijan, I have no full imagination about this state and need to live just a while here for saying anything.

But my first impressions made me pleased to come here and think I did the right choice. I"m planning to bring my family to Gabala, too, for the recent future.

- You have already joined some trainings with the team. How did you like the squad and other footballers? 

- The people accepted me very hospitably. I saw how professionally and seriously the team work from the early tuitions.

The players are very accomplished and I believe we will know each other closer timely.
- Did you have any idea about Azerbaijan"s football or soccer legionnaires here before? 

- I didn"t know about the football here, but what I knew is just the Azerbaijan soccer is developing. I know you have some professional kickers, such as Gabala"s Victor Mendy, whom I know from the Turkish Super League. He told me about Gabala. 

Mpenza (Neftchi’s former forward- editor) and me met at a resting place speaking about Gabala.
And I know Gabala"s earlier player Serge Djiehoua, and no else.

- We saw you were very close with Deon Burton while training... 

- It"s right, we feel each other very well as we both played in the UK. We have some mutual friends, for example, Stephen Clements (from "Tottenham"). Burton is very helpful to me for adjusting to my new club.

- How well are Gabala"s facilities you think? 

- To be honest, I didn"t expect to see such high-level sources and fields. They all are fine and fascinated me. Gabala possess everything good for football.

- Is this comfortable with the coaching staff? 

- Yes, we understand each other very well and everybody knows English here, so it makes easy to talk. The coaching staff is made up of Turkish and English footballer and I played in both Turkey and England.

- Did you like the nature of Gabala? 

- It is superb. But a bit cold (laughing). As you know, I played for Mersin Idman Yurdu just before Gabala and there it was mild in Mersin. Gabala remembers me Sivas where I played in Sivasspor before Mersin Idman Yurdu for two years and half.

- Your targets in Gabala... 

- I came here to be a vital part of Gabala and I think age is no matter to learn in football. I want to go more ahead taking some experiences form Gabala. I"m aware of the club"s targets, for which I"ll try to gift my own bests.  My main target is to help Gabala on reaching to European contests.

- Have your say to fans of Gabala... 

- I"ll try to make them happy scoring much. But we have to think for the common target as a team and fans, while we both curry common desires. For example, I"m a part of the team and make you sure to do my bests for Gabala by also fans" support.