Gabala taking resilient victory– Dodo benefit
Match report / 13 September 2014 | 17:30182
Gabala taking resilient victory– Dodo benefit

Simurg 1-2 Gabala

Date: 13 September 2014 / Kick-off: 19:00 / Venue: Zagatala Olympic Stadium / Crowd: 2500
Referee: Ömar Paşayev  
Referee assistants: Munis Abdullayev, Coşqun Hasanov 
4th official: Sarxan İsmayılov
AFFA members: Elbrus Abbasov
Referee inspector: Ahmadağa Cabbarov 
Yellow cards:  Vadim Abdullayev, 8 (unsporting behavior), Patrik Osiako, 13 (unsporting behavior), Raşad Eyyubov, 44 (unsporting behavior), Tural Axundov, 54 (unsporting behavior) Adam Banaş (unsporting behavior) // Aleksandru Benqa, 5 (unsporting behavior), Aleksandru Benqa, 86 (unsporting behavior), Adrian Ropotan, 65 (unsporting behavior), Cavid Huseynov, 90+1 (unsporting behavior), Elvin Camalov, 90+4 (unsporting behavior)
Red card: Aleksandru Benqa, 86
Goals: R. Eyyubov, 7 (pen) - Dodo, 68, 80  
Extra time: I hissada 2, II hissada 5 daqiqa.

Gabala beat Simurg 2:1 in the 5th tour of the Topaz Premier League gaining their second away victory in a row. Head coach Dorinel Munteanu made 2 changes to the staff to make them different from the last game with
Rafael Santos, having his debut in the season, who replaced Pavol Farkas. Luis Paulo Hilario, staying off the team after the European Championship, followed Andrei Cristea. And the win is sealed by Brazilian midfielder Hilario, who is well known as Dodo.

The pace of the show did not start well for Gabala and the home side opened the scoring by very early goal after the penalty shot of Rashad Eyyubov.
The goal prompted Gabala to step up their attacks but efforts of Javid Huseynov, Ruslan Abishov and Ruslan Amirjanov.

After the break, Munteanu made some changes to the squad and then Dodo, coming on the pitch for Gabala most, appeared as the hero of the night. First, he headed the ball in from the left. Then the Brazilian surged into the box from the center to come one on one with the opponent keeper and fired into the net – 2:1. He was injured during the goal episode and sent off.

Gabala went to 10 as Aleksandru Benga left the pitch after 2 yellow cards but the red-black squad protected their lead to finish on top. The result left Gabala gaining their 3rd season victory and 2nd away, as well as extending their points to 9 fortifying at the 4th place on the table.

Simurg line-up:
1. Pavel Kapsa
2. Ilkin Gyrtymov (c)
3. Adam Banash
5. Vadim Abdullayev
6. Samir Zargarov
(16. Maharram Huseynov, 82)
8. Patrik Osiako
10. Rashad Eyyubov
15. Stepan Polyak
(9. Lukash Tresnak, 81)
18. Tural Akhundov
26. Benjamin Lambot 
88. Marko Stanoyevic

35. Amil Aghajanov
17. Rustam Mammadov
20. Idan Vaytsman
25. Oruj Balashly
33. Kanan Muslumov

Head coach: George Chikhradze

Gabala line-up:
1. Kamran Aghayev (c)
7. Ruslan Amirjanov
8. Markus Vidal
(90. Ekigo Ehiosun, 52)
9. Victor Mendy
(26. Pavol Farkas, 87 ) 
10. Dodo
(4. Elvin Jamalov, 81)
12. Aleksandru Benga
14. Javid Huseynov
15. Ruslan Abishov 
16. Ruslan Taghizadeh
25. Adrian Ropotan
44. Rafael Santos 

30. Anar Nazirov
11. Andrei Cristea 
34. Urfan Abbasov
88. Mushfig Teymurov

Head coach: Dorinel Munteanu