Gabala went one better over Sumgayit
Match report / 8 December 2012 | 12:32106
Gabala went one better over Sumgayit

Sumgayit 0:1 Gabala

Date: 8 December 2012 / kick-off: 14:00 / Venue: Bayil Arena / Crowd: 200
Referee: Elchin Mammadov
Referee assistants: Rahil Ramazanov, Namig Huseynov
4th official: Omar Pashayev
AFFA member: Mammadali Mammadov
Referee inspector: Karim Aghayev
Yellow cards: Emin Cafarguliyev, 8 (unsporting behaviour); Pardis Fardjad Azad, (protesting against the referee); Jeyhun Sultanov, 50 (unsporting behaviour); Slavik Alkhasov, 85 (protesting against the referee) // Umar Kalabane, 30 (unsporting behaviour); Aleksandr Çertoganov, 41 (unsporting behaviour); 61 (unsporting behaviour)
Red card: Aleksandr Chertoganov, 61 (unsporting behaviour)
Goal: Victor Mendy, 39
Extra time: I part - 2 min. / II part - 3 min.

Ending their 5-game winning streak in the last tour, Gabala left to capital city Baku to start a new victory series. Rashad Abdullayev and Dodo also joined the staff finishing their ban periods.

For the early 20 minutes, both sides pushed on to worked into the center circle. The first real threat came up to be very close to the Gabala net but Anar Nazirov gave a clear deflection to the goalbound shot of Ruslan Gurbanov.

Our team got in behind the home side more regularly, and it seemed as a matter of time before the 39th-minute goal when Assis, getting into the box from the left, met a delivery from Dodo and sent it to Mendy to finish just with a touch. Assis went close to scoring the second just before the break but his close-range shot past wide of goal.

It was Gabala again being faster with the restart. Rashad Abdullayev failed to score on a great chance. Then Gabala went down to 10 without Aleksandr Chertoganov being sent off after his second yellow. It pushed Gabala into back-to-the-wall display. With a perfect defence, we gave no chance to the hosts and ended to be the better team of the show.

Sumgayit line-up

12. Elchin Sadygov
2. Slavik Alkhasov
4. Samir Abasov (c)
7. Pardis Fardjad Azad
9. Orkhan Aliyev
10. Jeyhun Sultanov
17. Emin Jafarguliyev
21. Mahammad Mirzabayov
76. Ughur Pamuk
91. Ruslan Gurbanov
92. Baxtiyar Hasanalizadeh
(11. Sabir Allahguliyev, min.83)


90. Anar Maharramov
3. Aftandil Hajiyev
8. Agshin Mukhtaroghlu
22. Khayal Mustafayev

Coach: Bernhard Raab

Gabala line-up

30. Anar Nazirov
9. Victor Mendy
(8. Bruno Da Silva, min.41)
11. Yannick Kamanan
(7. Yashar Abuzarov, min.77)
10. Luis Paulo Hilario
15. Umar Kalabane
18. Aleksandr Chertoganov
22. Lourival Rodrigues
27. Rashad Abdullayev (c)
(23. Shahriyar Khalilov, min.90+1)
26. Daniel Lopez Cruz
34. Urfan Abbasov
84. Dejan Kelhar


25. Diego Costa Silva
19. Rovshan Amiraslanov
21. Elmar Bakhshiyev
35. Tarzin Jahangirov

Coach: Ramiz Mammadov

Ramiz Mammadov: “I congratulate my men for well responding to the tasks and taking victory. But it is regretting about Chertoganov getting the team down to 10 with the red card. I will take some measure for this. We got back the three points that we lost to Baku in the last tour. With that defeat, my team were deeply disappointed. Then I talked privately to each player to draw them out from psychology trouble. Yet I am not satisfied with the performance of Gabala, but the result they ground out is really good. With the current stage of the championship, we need only a good result”.

Bernhard Raab: “My team played dug into more effective display in the full time. It was seen evidence by many occasions, but we were unable to score. My players need more practice on taking advantage of goal occasions”.