Gabala win comfortable victory over Baku- 4:0
Match report / 29 April 2012 | 14:45152
Gabala win comfortable victory over Baku- 4:0

Gabala 4 – 0 Baku 

Date 29 April 2012. Time 17:00 GMT. Venue: Gabala City Stadium. Attendance: 800
Referee: Rauf Jabbarov
Referee assistants: Namig Huseynov, joshgun Hasanov
4th referee: Vusal Aliyev
AFFA representative: Adil Nadirov
Referee inspector: Asim Khudiyev
Yellow cards: Vurghun Huseynov, 57 ; Luiz Paulo Hillario, 71; Graeme Smith, 90; // Agil Mammadov, 42 ; Shahriyar Aliyev, 51
Goals: Yannick Kamanan, 37; Vurghun Huseynov, 49; Victor Mendy, 58; Nodar Mammadov, 90+2
Penalty:Yannick Kamanan, 43
Extra time: First part - 1 min.; Second part - 3 min.

Gabala beat Baku at the last home match of the season against Baku in the 30th round of the Unibank Premier League. Following the results of all 21 ties, Baku were arch rivals for Gabala with their all 19-win possession. We had won a victory over Baku for the last time on 1 May 2010. Now after 730 days, Gabala were playing for the target of changing the history.

The sides started testing each others and played in a backs-to-the-wall display. Late on, the game swung in the favour of Gabala as it was just a matter of time before Yannick Kamanan opened the scoring by the 37th-minute free kick. After six minutes, the French forward was very close to make his double, but he could not cut inside the opponent gate from penalty. The visiting keeper was successfully saved himself and his team-mates from tough punishing after his foul on Dodo in the 18-yard box.

Gabala kept going better in the second half, too, and Vurghun Huseynov earned the squad of Fatih Kavlak the second goal on 49 minutes. Having the Victor Mendy flavour on the goal raining show in the 58th minute, Gabala hit again. He lashed the ball past the keeper from a superb cross by Bruno da Silva.

With the other side going down by harsh results, it was Gabala who scored the next and last goal of the night, which was bitterly disappointing for Baku. Substitute Nodar Mammadov sealed the comfortable victory over the team from capital Baku in the 2nd minute of the extra time- 4:0. Now Gabala beat the opponents on the break at the end of the 730-day winless streak.

Novruz Azimov: “Although we lost the game, it was a good show. We played without four performers being assessed by our medical staff. So, we were not at our that brightness and were tired. So, we wish Gabala more successes in the matches forthcoming”.

Fatih Kavlak: “We got the possession through to the tired situation of Baku. My team were trained well, and it was evident in the display where we took advantage of our goal situations to gain victory. I’m convinced we will come up as a strong team in future”.


30. Graeme Smith
3. Vurghun Huseynov (c)
8. Bruno da Silva
9. Victor Mendy
(7. Yashar Abuzarov, min.79)
11. Yannick Kamanan
18. Aleksandr Chertoganov
20. Steve Olfers
21. Elmar Bakhshiyev
26. Daniel Lopes Cruz
(15. Nodar Mammadov, min.85)
34. Urfan Abbasov
77. Luiz Paulo Hillario
(38. Elnur Mustafayev, min.73)


1. Elnar Karimov
17. Arif Isayev
22. Murad Huseynov
33. Sasha Yunisoghlu

Coach: Fatih Kavlak


16. Agil Mammadov
3. DenissIvanovs
6. Ibrahim Kargbo
(32. Aleksey Savinov, min.75)
7. Deividas Cesnauskis
10. Lucas Mario Horvat
11. Elvin Mammadov
(19. Nurlan Novruzov, min.66)
15. Jamshid Maharramov (c)
24. Nenad Kovacevic
25. Shahriyar Aliyev
(22. Tural Gurbatov, min.60)
98. Sergio Contreras Pardo
99. Rahman Hajiyev


1. Marco Sharliya
4. Vadim Borets
17. Namig Alasgarov
20. Elshad Manafov

Coach: Novruz Azimov