Gabala won Romanian League leaders
Match report / 30 January 2013 | 21:16135
Gabala won Romanian League leaders

Gabala - Styaua 1:0
Qol: Dodo, 78.

Closing to the end of the Antalya stage of the winter preparations, Gabala A faced Steaua of Romania in their 5th testing match. Comparing to the last four opponents, this time Gabala came against arch rivals who are staying at the top of the Romanian Premier League.

Our team included:
Diego Costa Silva, Omar Kalabane, Luka Zinko, Rashad Abdullayev, Dodo, Cristian Pulhac, Emeghara, Victor Mendy, Dejan Kelhar, Amit Guluzadeh, Mustafa Dabo.

The match started by quick attacks from Romanians but the squad of Ramiz Mammadov held on at every lines to give them no chance of threats. Although, at times, the red-black half of the pitch looked to play in counter attacks, the deadlock was not broken in the first period.

After the brake, the sides restarted in the same display. But more regularly, Gabala got behind in Steaua with Mendy and Dodo who kept the other end under sustained period of pressures. This course of the game led to the opening goal in the 78th minute when Dodo came one on one with the opponent keeper- 1:0.

It could have been much worse for Steaua on some later occasions after Yannick Kamanan was introduced but he was off target and anyway Gabala took the victory over the Romanian leader.