It was different tonight, Grigorchuk says
News / 14 October 2017 | 23:4544
It was different tonight, Grigorchuk says

Gabala head coach Roman Grigorchuk talks for post-match reaction right after the away victory with 0:1 on Sumgayit in the 8th tour of the Azerbaijan Premier League. The Ukrainian boss says:

“Sumgayit took the lead from the early minutes not because of any pressing or failed tactics as it was tied to extreme responsibility and deep work of my team. I had felt my men nervous for the victory before the match. I’ve never seen such hard working and responsible squad before. These footballers want not just to play better, but to take victory. After the game, I told my team maybe you see now they play in defense against us like other side than Qarabagh. There were also some experiences where we failed to score even after 50 to 60 occasions. But it was different tonight as the opponent side were keeping up the control and we can set up only 15 threats in such experiences.

We needed only three points but today’s show was not what I want to see from my team in the pitch. You can win some this kind of matches. But you have to play better always and keep the ball under control if you wish to be the better side always. We gave no mistakes in our new system of defense as it was well evident that there were no threats ahead of our goal.

Tellur Mutallimov are back to the squad being recovered after a long time of break. But we still believe in him".