Kamanan scored, but Inter won
Match report / 17 February 2013 | 13:28165
Kamanan scored, but Inter won

Inter 2:1 Gabala 

Date: Sunday 17 February 2013 / Venue: Shafa Stadium / Kick-off: 15:00 / Attendance: 1000
Referee: Anar Salmanov
Referee assistants: Mubariz Hashimov, Namig Huseynov
4th official: Rauf Jabbarov
AFFA member: Vagif Davudov
Referee inspector: Asim Khudiyev
Yellow cards: Asif Mammadov, 2 ; Slavco Georgiyevski, 58; Samir Zargarov, 67 ; Giorgi Lomaia, 80 // Nikita Valentic, 5; Cristian Pulhac, 38; Omar Kalabane, 84 ; Dejan Kelhar, 86 
Goals:  Arif Dashdamirov, 7; Samir Zargarov, 73 // Yannick Kamanan, 23
Extra time: I Part - 2 min.; II Part - 4 min.

Today, Gabala have visited Inter in the 20th tour of the Premier League. The pace of the match-up started by dynamism of the guests but the scoring was opened by Inter.

Mistake in our defensive line gifted an early goal to the home side"s Arif Dashdemirov in the 7th minute. The goal did not get Gabala down and they even showed resilience stepping up their quick attacks. It was testimony to the Gabala spirit then that Yannick Kamanan met air delivery from Victor Mendy to deflect it into the Inter net.

Shortly after, the French forward went close to grabbing his second on two occasions but his efforts were tipped wide by Inter"s back line.  Later on, Gabala captain Rashad Abdullayev was made fall down in the 18-yard box of the home side before the referee gave a disputable sign noticing to keep playing.

Seeing the evident possession swan into the favour of Gabala, Kakhaber Tskhadadze, the home side coach, produced Ibrahima Niasse. It a bit boosted power of the Inter side to balance the game. But the team from Baku were unable to show real threat in their performance.   

The home side got their second gift from Gabala trying to set up offside when Nikola Valentic did not understand his teammates before Samir Zargarov got to be one-on-one with our keeper- 2:1. Valentic made his mistake just seconds before Ramiz Mammadov would replace him with Luka Jinko staying by the fourth official and waiting for the end of the attack. The same kind of the case happened in match against Garabagh. 

After the goal, Inter moved back to protect their one goal lead and the home defence seemed hard to be beaten with our further efforts. The result left Gabala loosing the important game.

Inter line-up

1. Giorgi Lomaia
4. Valeri Abramidze 
5. Slavcho Georgiyevski
11. Asif Mammadov 
15. Vladimir Levin (c)
18. Ilia Kandelaki
20. Bruce Abdoulaye
(25. Ibrahima Niasse, min.30)
21. Arif Dashdamirov
24. Fuad Bayramov
28. Bachna Tskhadadze
(9. Daniel Genov, min.82)
30. Yuri Fomenko
(6. Samir Zargarov, min.46)


74. Revaz Tevdoradze
8. Nizami Hajiyev 
47. Abdulla Abatsiyev
87. Jamil Hajiyev

Head coach: Kakhaber Tskhadadze

Gabala line-up

30. Anar Nazirov 
4. Amit Guluzadeh
(34. Urfan Abbasov, min.75)
6. Nikola Valentic 
(5. Luka Zinko, min.75)
8. Cristian Pulhac
9. Victor Mendy 
10. Luis Paulo Hilario
11. Yannick Kamanan 
15. Omar Kalabane
18. Aleksandr Chertoganov 
27. Rashad Abdullayev (c)
(90. Jeyhun Sultanov, min.70)
84. Dejan Kelhar 


25. Diego Costa Silva
14. Moustapha Dabo
22. Lourival Rodrigues 
26. Daniel Lopez Cruz

Head coach: Ramiz Mammadov