Kapaz-Gabala 1-0
Match report / 15 September 2012 | 14:30169
Kapaz-Gabala 1-0

Date: 15 September 2012. Kick-off: 17:00. Venue: Ganja City Stadium. Attendance: 4,000 
Referee: Elchin Mammadov
Referee assistants: Namig Huseynov, Nahid Aliyev
4th referee: Ingilab Mammadov
AFFA representative: Asgar Amiraliyev
Referee-inspector: Safar Hashımov
Yellow cards: Bakhtiyar Soltanov, 54 ; Shahin Karimov, 71 ; Bujamin Asani, 76 // Elmar Bakhshıyev, 27; Luis Paulo Hilario, 43
Goal: Bakhtiyar Soltanov, 41
Extra time: I Part - 1 min.; II Part - 3 min.

With the 5th tour league tie today, Gabala are failing again to break the winless streak of three away matches against Kapaz.

The warm-up show started in the display of back-to-back pressures. Later on, the home side got a foothold in proceedings, with Gabala making a threat only in the half-time. Omar Kalabane met the delivery from a corner with a header past well wide of goal. But in a feedback, Bakhtiyar Soltanov put his team ahead just before the break.

In the second period, the men of Fatih Kavlak stepped up their inroads into the Kapaz defense, but they could not trouble the goal and finished unable to win the 4th tie in Ganja.


1. Ivan Radosh
4. Azar Mammadov (c) 
6. Maharram Huseynov
9. Bakhtiyar Soltanov
10. Armand Feutcine
13. Emin Imamaliyev
15. Shahin Karimov
18. Nikolay Svejentsev
20. Emin Aliyev
(7. Parvin Pashayev, min.84)
30. Yuri Fomenko
(8. Elvin Hasanaliyev, min.47)
88. Bujamin Asani


16. Khayal Zeynalov
2. Nijat Mammadov
11. Ziyabil Mammadov
14. Elkhan Azizov
19. Atin Abdullayev

Coach: Mahmud Gurbanov


25. Diego Costa Silva
8. Bruno Da Silva
(22. Lourival Rodrigues, min.60)
9. Victor Mendy
(99. Amil Yunanov, min.81)
10. Luis Paulo Hilario
11. Yannick Kamanan
15. Umar Kalabane
18. Aleksandr Certoganov
21. Elmar Bakhshıyev (c)
34. Urfan Abbasov
84. Dejan Kelhar
88. Nodar Mammadov
(23. Shahriyar Khalilov, min.36)


30. Anar Nazirov
5. Muammer Erdoghdu
7. Yashar Abuzarov
19. Rovshan Amiraslanov

Coach: Fatih Kavlak

Mahmud Qurbanov: Gabala are one of the strongest teams in Azerbaijan. My squad played in a superb display opening the scoring in the half. Of course it gave us inspiration. The show was very difficult for my team, but they were all and dug in to earn the victory. I congratulate all the administration of Kapaz and all fans of the club on the fine victory. And I wish Gabala successes in the future matches.

Fatih Kavlak: Congratulations to Kapaz. We were not be able to score the important goal. That is why it was a problem to set the proper defense. The mistake in our defensive display led to conceding a goal by the opponents. And in the second period, we were all but out to feed back.