Kapaz – Gabala, 6th facing
News / 6 February 2012 | 20:00145
Kapaz – Gabala, 6th facing

Gabala are going into the first match of 2012 contests against Kapaz on Saturday in the 19th round of the Unibank Premier League. The away fixture is the sixth derby between the sides, which were played only in the league. 

Gabala firstly faced Kapaz just last season by four events - two qualifying and two final games – when Kapaz was named as Ganja. In those four matches on the trot neither sides appeared winner, even no any goals in three of them.

The stable balance broke only in the current season, in October of 2011, as Gabala won home match on Kapaz, who are still on the winless streak against the team of Fatih Kavlak. 

After being able to score the only goal during their outing in the fifth match, the squad from Ganja will receive Gabala for their third. 

Kapaz are suffering from the three goalless home matches. Gabala is ahead by one win, four draws and 3:1 goal differences.

2010/11       31.10.2010  Premier League     Ganja - Gabala               0:0


2010/11       27.02.2011  Premier League     Gabala - Ganja               0:0


2010/11       02.04.2011  Premier League     Gabala - Ganja               1:1


2010/11       12.05.2011  Premier League     Ganja - Gabala               0:0


2011/12       16.10.2011  Premier League     Gabala - Kapaz (Ganja)   2:0