Kavlak’s Debut - Superb Triumph for Gabala
Match report / 19 November 2011 | 20:00153
Kavlak’s Debut - Superb Triumph for Gabala

Gabala has won the home match over Neftchi 1-0 on Sunday with new head coach Faih Kavlak.
Although some losses of the Gabala squad, the lively match-up has showed, within all ninety four minutes, that the team were more prepared and keener on winning.
The performance’s firs threatening kick was made by Kavlak’s side in 10 minutes when Serge Djiehua run into the box beating two defences of Neftchi in the right flank, but with not right strike.
Victor Mendy was the next performer under spotlight with his superb ploy breaking Neftchi’s defence to be one on one with Sasha Stamenkovic, but with miskick.
Another trouble by Kavlak’s men for the Neftchi keeper was in 25 minutes, when Nodar Mammadov inaccurately headed the ball swung from corner.
Finally at the end of the first part’s attacks, Gabala finished the half on top as Aleksandr Chertoganov took advantage of a free kick after rude against Mendy in 40 minutes. The Gabala midfielder sent the ball right into the net from the range of 25 meters.
After the break, Deon Barton had a chance to score the second goal seizing on Igor Mitreski’s mistake. But the Gabala forward felt down stretching his muscle in leg and was replaced with Nuran Gurbanov.
Being the first-class in the display, Dodo was still unbeaten and he set up the next threat firing the ball from close range, which passed just one yard out of the post.
With attacking exchange at the second half-time, the derby reached to ninety minutes still capitalizing Gabala, although no further goals. But within extra four minutes, referee Ramil Diniyev ordered a penalty, which was his huge mistake that will keep him as undesired in our mind. Neftchi’s Denis Silva put himself down once getting into the box, maneuver that was considered penalty by the referee in 93 minutes.

But Diniyev’s effort became unsuccessful after our keeper Pavel Doreshev showed a superior display deflecting the ball kicked by Farid Guliyev.
So, Gabala saved his place in six and made Neftchi to go back home beating them with clear sheet under debut coaching of Kavlak.