Mammadov - training for mass media - Photos
Boxing / 1 February 2016 | 12:21253
Mammadov - training for mass media - Photos

Azerbaijan”s first professional boxer Fariz Mammadov, fighting for SC Gabala, will come on the canvas of WBF and WBCA Championship, which is organized first-ever for Azerbaijan on this Saturday.
He will face Badru Lusambya from Uganda. Having been prepared to this match for a long time, Mammadov undertook an open training session just before talking to mass media. The Gabala hero saiys reporters:
"My only target since 2001 is champion, and I have to hit this as I am on my way to end the keen of the last 15 years. I thank to my personal agent Yashar Niftaliyev who is always with me and I trusted him on my career for all the time. I also appreciate SC Gabala providing opportunity to reach to my achievement after 15 years. I believe in the word fortune favors the prepared. And I am convinced my fortune will work out. 
I know Badru for 6 months. He is a left-hander that may make difficulty to opponents but I am sure it will be no difficult for me to win over him after 6 months of the preparations".