New grounds manager - Matt Frost
News / 16 January 2012 | 20:00180
New grounds manager - Matt Frost

Gabala accepts new specialist on a field turf Matt Frost from England. He is named on a chief specialist in January after Philip Sharpless, who has a great role in developing natural green grass covers of Gabala’s pitches, left his job.

Frost possesses reputation on this kind of job in some other countries. He formerly worked for England’s Wembley Stadium, Russia’s Lujniki, China’s Beijing and Greece’s Olimpia.

He shares his first impressions about Gabala city with 

“The nature here in Gabala is very beautiful. I used to have some relationships in different states and see Gabala very interesting place embodying the north hemisphere in winter and south in summer. That is why the turf in Gabala needs special care. 

The all proceedings are going as we planned. Presently, we have four live-grass pitches in use. The turf of the field that considered for the Academy is also on the growing progress to be ready to use in the early this summer”.

Frost, comparing Gabala’s stadium with those famous in other countries, says our club also will gain a state-of-the-art field:

“I well know Gabala’s current projects and my experience allow me to say that, for the recent future, there will be another high-level stadium in Gabala, too, like in the countries of the Europe”.