New Partner - Acıbadem
News / 22 December 2011 | 20:00163
New Partner - Acıbadem

Gabala are always under spotlight with the club’s highest-order projects in Azerbaijan’s football, as well as partnerships. Today we have signed on another collaboration with the new partner Acibadem Hospitals Group. 

The document intends Turkey’s prominent medical center will provide sponsorship in medical services for Gabala until the end of the 2011/12 season. The agreement is supposed to be extended into the next season, too.

Worth to remember Acibadem’s state-of-the-art services beyond Turkey, too, which started since 1991. 

Enlarging its network all over the world, the medical body is having sixteen fully supplied hospitals and eight clinics – eleven of which were registered by JSCI in 2005. 

Acibadem has being developed into a body keeping a staff of 13,000 people.