Post-Match Statistics / Gabala 3:0 Keshla
News / 5 December 2017 | 22:0593
Post-Match Statistics / Gabala 3:0 Keshla

Post-match statistics after the 3:0 victory on Keshla in the 14th tour of the Azerbaijan Premier League.

- It was the 350th league match of Gabala since 2006, including 148 wins, 88 draws and 114 losses. We scored 434 league goals and conceded 364.

- The high-scoring is the 47th in our record path. It’s our second experience that we take three high-scoring results on the trot after beating Kapaz by 6:1 in the league, before defeating also Mil-Mughan by 8:0. The earlier experience goes back to when the red-black team were playing in the First Division.

- The all 47 high-scoring results were registered with 26 in the league.

- It’s our fifth experience taking two games in a row by at least three-goal difference.

- It’s Roman Grigorchuk’s 140th experience as the coach for Gabala since he took charge on the red-black squad in early 2015. The Ukrainian boss came on 94 Premier League, 32 Europa League and 14 Cup games. Now he is having more experience than any other Gabala coaches ever. He goes more ahead even than Ramiz Mammadov, who introduced Gabala 139 times and is coaching Keshla today. The latter shown up in 118 league and 21 cup events. Only these two coaches guided Gabala in more than 100 matches.

- Bagaliy Dabo updated Gabala’s another record scoring in four league matches in a row. He scored two against Sabail (3:1), one against Neftchi (3:2), two against Kapaz (6:1) and one against Keshla (3:0). 

- Bagaliy’s goal against Keshla appears to be his 20th for Gabala as the fifth player scoring at least twenty.

- Filip Ozobic, fielded as a substitute against Keshla, scored double. The Croatian reached to his fifth goal and together with his hat-trick in the game against Mil-Mughan, he scored five in two matches of the last five days. Ozobic arrived to being the top third scorer of the team ever. The list includes: Victor Mendy – 33 goals, Dodo – 30, Filip Ozobic – 22, Bagaliy Dabo, Rovshan Ahmadov – 20.