Post-Match Statistics: Sabail 2:1 Gabala
News / 26 February 2018 | 09:3116
Post-Match Statistics: Sabail 2:1 Gabala

- Bagaliy Dabo came on his 50th match for Gabala reaching to Vugar Hasanov. He appears as the 42nd footballer with at least 50 experiences for the red-black club.

- Dabo scored Gabala’s only goal on the show and arrived to be the third top scorer with 23 goals. He shares the title with Filip Ozobic going only behind Victor Mendy (with 33) and Dodo (30).

- Bagaliy’s all 23 goals include eighteen Premier League goals that made him third on the league top scorers table. He’s eleven goals behind Mendy and five goals back from Dodo.

- Yusif Nabiyev, introduced in the 82nd minute in the match at the Bayil Arena, came on his debut match for Gabala as the 228th footballer, as well as 208th league player with a first experience for the red-black team.