Promising team have to be free of stopping feelings, Grigorchuk says
News / 25 September 2017 | 01:3096
Promising team have to be free of stopping feelings, Grigorchuk says

Gabala head coach Roman Grigorchuk talks for post-match reaction right after the 2:1 home victory over Neftchi in the sixth tour of the Azerbaijan Premier League. The Ukrainian boss says:

“In practice, we always see a team going ahead in score is a side trying to keep up the score or to prevent the course of the game from boosting. But it’s not right as a promising team have to be free of stopping feelings. 

We were really good on the forward in the half, but also allowed some mistakes in the defense. This led to being more careful in the second period. Sure, our display was not down after the restart that was well evident with some occasions.

I was not expecting Asif Mammadov to earn the team an early goal after his experience as a substitute in the last tour. But now he looked very perfect in his research into the details. There were also two occasions that we failed to score because of poor work.

I can’t comment about the unpleasant case happened right after the match as we need to look into this. Then we’ll make a decision.

We well know new transfer Ekigho Ehiosun and are having a deep trust in him. But we still need time to be better with him. It’s a normal experience to see a player not willing to be changed during the game and I like this strong feeling about playing. But tonight, it was not about Andy Halliday’s change”.